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Interview disillusionment

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Kitten999, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Kitten999

    Kitten999 New commenter

    I recently applied for a KS2 job share. My current Head said my personal statement was very good and that I'd sold myself well. I was short listed and given an interview date. I think only 3 got to this stage. The Head's brief for the lesson was 20 minutes mental maths warm up, in an unset year 4 class, no planning needed, the head wanted to see if the children liked me and I liked them. All very informal.

    I did 3 different warm ups to keep the pace, lots of individual whiteboard work, discussion on how they came by answers and children coming to the front to demonstrate understanding. I felt it went well and the class responded well. The head didn't sit in though, it was the deputy. I don't know if the deputy was in on the original brief.

    The spoken part seemed to go well. I was able to draw on many examples and speak at length (in the past my weakness has been inadequate answers). Lots of nodding of heads, note taking, murmurs of agreement, smiles. Then they asked would I consider KS1 but not specify the role. They were unable to say what year group I would be teaching in KS2 or who i would be working with. They asked if I would accept the job if offered it. Foolishly I walked out on a cloud of hope!

    A short call later that day said I hadn't been successful, no wish to give feedback, just a comment about it being the taught part.

    I later heard on the quiet that instead they have taken on a floating supply teacher and that two separate job share teachers (who both lost their teaching partners) will be combined for one class. Was there ever actually a job going in this school? Did they only advertise because they had to, knowing the jobs can be filled internally? I feel rather cross as if I have been duped in some way. Should I speak to the head to air my concerns, especially as it was her brief and she wasn't in on any part of the interview. Or leave well alone?
  2. There is a famous quote which says that the best revenge is living well!
    I'd leave it and count yourself lucky that you didn't get the job because if SMT are playing silly boogers with you now, goodness knows what life would have been like if you had worked there!
    Keep hunting and mentally stick up two fingers to this school when you get a better job with people who appreciate your talents and what you have to offer!
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    It sounds more that they decided the floating teacher they already have moved into a class teacher role because, after interviewing, they decided s/he was the best person they had. Without feedback it is impossible to know for sure.
    Yes, but none of those interviewed showed they had exactly what the school wanted more than those already in the school.
    They really wouldn't have bothered with this. They probably advertised and interviewed hoping to get someone amazing, but none of those interviewed were more amazing than the teacher they already had.
    But, much as it is horrible not to get a post where you have done really well in all aspects, the school simply appointed someone else. It happens.
    It would look like sour grapes, so probably best not. The school haven't done anything wrong.

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