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Interview dilemma

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by MAX2012, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Can't actually believe my luck! 2interviews!!!! However my dilemma is THEY ARE BOTH ON THE 1ST DEC!!!!
    Struggling to reach decision :( any advice/tips on how to decide?
  2. depends! Are they both maternity covers or is one of them permanent? That would be a clincher for me. Have you visited them and liked one more than the other? What about the commuting distance?
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Good advice from Gila there. Is one nearer for commuting should you get it for example?
    Is one in your preferred Key stage? etc. but only you can decide.
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Having decidded which is your favoured school, contact the other school and ask if you could go the day before. They are unlikely to agree to see you day later, because it would mean delaying their decision for the other candidates.
    Just remembered the strike!
    Just ask if they could see you another day, then. They may agree, if you are lucky.
    Best wishes
    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    I do Application and Interview one-to-ones, and also contribute to the Job Application Seminars. We look at application letters, executive summaries and interviews, with practical exercises that people really appreciate.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys :)
    The permanent one is my preferred age but it's a much longer commute, the other is close to home but but only a maternity! Grrr
    I think I may do what Theo said and ask the latter to see me another day (if possible)

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