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Interview Dates

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by PaulMc871, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Hi there,
    I think i'm in the same boat. My interview is the 3rd of Feb which is the Thursday- the letter says there will be 4 days of interviews so i'm hoping i'm not the last day!
  2. aw99

    aw99 New commenter

    Hi ! Is this for the postgrad or unergrad primary ?
  3. Mines is for the postgrad :)
  4. postgrad for me too. last year they did 2days in feb & 2days in march, then it meant if you were a maybe from the feb interviews you had to wait til the march people had had theirs...... although i know some people from the feb interviews who were definite yes or no found out within 10 days.
  5. I read on another thread someone saying they know someone who has an interview 2 weeks later so it'll prob be 3rd and 4th then another 2 days a couple of weeks later. I don't know whether i'm happy to be first or if i'd prefer being later- feels like a driving test and I can't work what's more beneifical.
  6. I don't know if you have been through this before but last year the wait for me was agonising! My interview was the beginning of Feb & then I kept logging on here and seeing that people had been given places or that they had been rejected, but I didn't find out I hadn't been successful til the end of March! So honestly I would prefer to have the shorter wait, but think by the sounds of it I have one of the earlier dates this year too. Mine is Thursday 3rd.... but then I realise that im worrying about how long it takes to find out if I have a place when i should just be grateful to have an interview at all!!
  7. This is my first year (I applied when I graduated 3 years ago and didn't get an interview so i've been working and gaining experience in the meantime!) so I dare say it'll be a nightmare if we don't get a quick reply but getting an interview is good given the amount of places/ applicants. I'm just praying I get in now and trying to prepare for the interview. Hopefully they don't change the question format etc and it stays roughly the same!
  8. just on that note, has there been any word as to how many places strathclyde have this year? it went from 470 to 140 last year. i just hope it doesn't drop again! i just need to work on my nerves - think kalms & rescue remedy are in order! i was literary terrified going into the interview last year. I'm praying i'm not as bad this time as i have a bit of an idea what to expect.
  9. I read somewhere on here that it was roughly around 120 or therabouts this year so roughly the same as last year. Do you know what the ratio of interviews to places was at all?
  10. last year there were around 1500 applicants & roughly 400 interviews for 140 places. 120 is still really low, considering it used to be about 470! just need to prepare well & hope for the best!!

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