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Interview - Catholic School

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Bahli, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Hi - I have an interview at a Catholic primary school and wondering what to expect. I would like to hear any about your experiences i.e are you asked questions about religious beliefs etc.

    Also any general questions that seem to be being asked at interviews at the moment?

  2. Hi - I have an interview at a Catholic primary school and wondering what to expect. I would like to hear any about your experiences i.e are you asked questions about religious beliefs etc.

    Also any general questions that seem to be being asked at interviews at the moment?

  3. They will want to know how you'd support the Catholic ethos of the school I would imagine.
  4. I got asked last week how i would encourage the children to pray as I am not a catholic
  5. What did you say raphael18?
  6. That's usually the question asked at interview. You could say that you are sympathtic to and will fully support the catholic ethos of the school. You notice that Religious Education is integral to all subjects for example the awe and wonder aspect of science, the excitement of solving puzzles in numeracy. You understand the positive way a catholic ethos can have on behaviour managagment. It is very inclusive where no child would ever be asked to leave the circle, and can help in child-child disputes also. You can say you are also open to any training offered to improve your own knowledge and understanding of the Catholic curriculum. You lookforward to delivering assemblies and collective worship which quote and worship scipture from the Bible.

    In addition, when asked if you have any questions you could ask what collective worship the school offers the children each week. This will show your interest and enthusiasm.

    Good luck in the interview!
  7. eilnan

    eilnan New commenter

    I had a successful interview in a Catholic school so thought Id post my interview questions for anyone in the same position.
    I was interviewed by the head, deputy head, governor and parish priest. It felt quite informal but all schools are different. These are the questions they asked

    Tell me about your experiences that led you into teaching.
    How important is your faith to your teaching?
    If we peeled the lid off your classroom what would we see?
    How do you assess children?s progress?
    What is your greatest strength and area for development?
    How would you teach a Year 3 class about their First Holy Communion?
    Tell me about a good lesson and why was it successful?
    Why should we employ you over the other candidates?
    Do you have any questions?

    We had a mass in the school first thing, then a tour of the school and an interview by the school council then the actual interviews in the afternoon. There were 4 of us in total. Hope this is of some help to someone. I had 5 interviews before I got this one and its just a matter of practice and feeling confident that you are the person for the job. Easier said that done I always thought when people said this to me but I think in the right school you will hopefully feel comfortable and at home. Thats how it worked for me and I had some awful interviews before this one. Good luck!!
  8. Hi! I started a thread about this on the 'Unemployed teachers' board last week: https://www.tes.co.uk/section/staffroom/thread.aspx?story_...

    I was really worried going for an interview at a Catholic school and not actually being a Catholic! Imagine my surprise when the matter wasn't even referred to during my interview today! Then there was even more surprise when I was informed I got the job! It seems they were much more interested in me being a good teacher than a practising Catholic (phew)!

    However, I've found that different Catholic schools vary in their priorities, so make sure you have a good answer prepared in case they do ask you the 'Catholic ethos' question! Just try to get across that you're completely willing to follow school worship routines and any specific Catholic RE schemes of work (e.g. 'Here I Am').

    Good luck! :) xxx
  9. Make sure that you actually DO support the ethos as well!
  10. I know this is now an old post but thought I would update you (assuming you're interested). Well I didn't get the job (was told I did very well thought, so not all bad). Anyway, religion wasn't actually discussed that much - more classroom practice, as previous poster experienced. However, this may be due to the fact that I am Catholic - maybe they would have discussed it more with a non-catholic candidate - who knows!
    Some of the uestions asked included -
    If I walked into your classroom, what would I find?Describe a lesson (sharing lesson obj, differentiation etc.)
    How would you engage a child who is unwilling to learn?
    What would you like extra support in if you came to work here?
    Lots of questions on assessment
    What would your classroom look like?
    I can say it was a very long interview - seemed to go on and on

    Good news though - I got the job I REALLY wanted at my next interview and have my own Year 3 class from September.

    Good Luck to anybody out there who is still searching and to those who begin new jobs in September.
  11. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    Thats excellent news
  12. Thanks mancminx

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