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Interview at UWS for 2012 entry!

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by kittynest, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hiya, I sent my application off there at the end of October. When did you apply? They emailed me on Monday asking for my qualifications, but haven't heard anything since.
    Fingers crossed I get a letter- postman just came today with nothing for me :(
    Do you get details of the interview structure in the letter?
  2. I applied for primary and havent heard anything. Did you submit the application online? last year it was on paper so was a bit wary of completing the online application, you know what technology is like!
  3. aw99

    aw99 New commenter

    UWS used the Presentations last year...a subject of your own choice !!

    Good luck all !
  4. Hey,

    I am currently just finishing mine off. Did you submit all the documents online also I am a bit confused by what they mean about statement of support/approve form?
  5. Hey Kittynest :)

    I was surprised by how quickly I received a reply. I thought I was really late in applying; however, the interview is at the end of January (20th). You get full details of the interview structure. It is held over two hours and consists of a 5 min presentation and panel interview. The presentation is on a subject of your choice, delivered to the group and interview panel, then you get your interview. So far it looks okay, but ask me again in January, you may get a different response ;) When I applied (via online application) I attached all my qualifications etc so maybe this rushed the process through. Good luck, let me know how you get on. :)
  6. Hey Daisy89
    The support form, I understood as your statement of support, i.e, your personal statement in why you want to apply. I had already applied to Strathclyde so I must admit to copying and pasting over into UWS. I submitted all the documents at the end and in relation to other messages here, I believe it has rushed the process through. Would definitely advise that you do this. Good luck!
  7. Any advice aw99 would be much appreciated :) :)
  8. Hey!
    Thanks. I assumed that was what it was and that's what I did. I got a reply the next day which I was surprised about because it was so quick. I think uploading everything online does make a difference. Is anyone here applying for the Hamilton campus or are you all Ayr?
  9. hey has anyone heard back from UWS for the PGDE Primary? all this waiting! hopefully should be soon though but just interested to know if anyone has heard anything back?


  10. Hey, I contacted UWS before Christmas and they assured me that the applications were still being processed. We are apparently to hear back mid January about whether or not we have an interview.

    Hope this helps!
  11. Hey,
    I got an email today inviting me for an interview on the 20th at 9.30am. It certainly doesn't give us long to prepare for the presentation!
  12. Hey guys!

    I'm a little unclear about the presentation at the moment. Do we have a choice of which topic to do the presentation on or are we randomly allocated one of the topics on the day?
  13. I'm 99.9% certain that we have the choice. It wouldn't really make sense to do otherwise. That would be like giving a choice of essay topics but not letting the person know which one they're doing till the day it's due in.
  14. As far as I was aware we have to choose one of the three topics outlined in the letter/email inviting us to interview.
  15. Have people applied for hamilton or ayr campus?
  16. Hi Daisy89,
    I have applied for the Ayr campus.
  17. I've also applied to the Ayr campus. Is anyone else applying for secondary English?
  18. Hi MissJennie85

    I've also applied for secondary English at Ayr campus and my interview is on the 24th so I guess i'll see you there! How are you feeling about it? I'm getting very nervous now!
  19. Hi nicb22,
    I thought I was quite calm about the interview, but now that it's getting closer, the nerves are creeping in. I'm so glad there is someone else on here being interviewed on the 24th. I've not been to Ayr since I was a kid. I live up in Shetland so it'll be nice to have a few days away. I'm booked in for the morning slot, what about you?
  20. Is anyone applying for the Hamilton campus? If so have they heard whether they are being considered for Hamilton even though their interview is at Ayr?

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