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Interview at 'special' School help?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jade2410, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. Hello there,

    I have just recently received invitation to an interview at a school I recently applied for, I have been asked to plan a fifteen minute activity with the class.

    I will be working in reception with a group of 7 children with ASD and behaviour problems, I will have three teaching assistants with me in the class.

    The children are currently working between 16-26 month and 30-50, and I have been given the topic 'Dinosaurs'

    My initial idea is to have a 'dinosaur hunt', (to we're going on a bear hunt rhythm) maybe have powerpoint and different things for the children to go through to find the dinosaur? but I don't want to make the lesson too stimulating...

    Any help and ideas would be great!!
  2. Jo3Grace

    Jo3Grace New commenter

    Dinosaur Hunting sounds fun.

    What will your objective for the children's learning be?

    Think about how you will support the children in knowing what is going to happen in the lesson, understanding what is going to happen now and next will help young people with autism to feel less anxious and so engage more.

    What will you find, can you make it sensory - what about finding clues for dinosaurs, e.g. a dinosaur's claw, a dinosuar's tail etc

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