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Interview at IoE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jonrobinson, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. I had an interview at the Institute of Education to get onto their PGCE English course. As soon as I arrived I pretty much had an idea that there was very little chance of me getting in as everyone else around me was studying at universities such as Kings College, Cambridge and Oxford, and I was sat their with my place at University of Gloucestershire!

    Main thing that let me down in addition was the fact I am studying English Language as opposed to literature. Anyone else had an experience where they have been frowned upon for their choice of degree. My entire interview consisted of a question and answer session of my knowledge of Key Stage 3 English Literature texts. The Interviewer kindly told me "if I was your head of department, I would be least impressed with your knowledge of literature". In addition to the dreadful interview where I wasn't even asked WHY I wanted to enter into teaching, today I got the feedback letter which stated that I didn't get a place because They said I wasn't offered a place because of:
    - Lack of Subject Knowledge
    - Lack of Knowledge of the National Curriculum
    - Lack of Enthusiasm and Interest of English and Teaching
    - Lack of Creativity
    - Lack of Positive Attitude towards young people
    - "Lack of Expectations for young people within an Educational Setting"
    - Lack of Understanding of Teacher's professional skills and responsibilities
    - Lack of Work Experience (Observation) at Secondary School Level

    Shattering my ego a bit?

    ANY advice or help would be greatly appreciated before my next interview!
  2. Hi Johnathan
    So sorry you didnt get through I also had my interview @ IOE on the 14/1 for the English PGCE and didnt get through, apparently I need to read the National Curriculum and brush up on my subject. Like you I have also studied English Language and Literature and there were quite a few students that I met on the day studied a different subject. I find it sooo fustrating because I was not asked anything about the NC, teaching experience or anything related to teaching ect. The only that I was asked was to list 18th century literatures and my favourite novels and why I liked them. I thought it went really well until two days later I receive the rejection letter.
    Who was your interviewer? I had John (the old one with the glasses)

  3. shoegal44

    shoegal44 New commenter

    It really does make you wonder what they are looking for in interviews. I was asked the same questions at my English PGCE interview at the IOE, I was asked nothing about the NC or what qualities I think I could contribute. I'm looking to graduate from the Open University with a 2:1 if I'm lucky, and I'm still in the running for a place. I didn't think I stood a chance, to be honest I still don't think I'll get it, but I can't understand why so many people with so much more experience have been rejected.

    I can;t remember who I interviewed with, an American lady with glasses. She was lovely.
  4. I had my interview on the same day as you! My session was on the afternoon and was with Anne, the American lady, exactly the same - she didn't ask me anything about teaching, but I knew as soon as I left that I hadn't done too well as her exact words were "if I were your head of department, I would be least impressed with your knowledge of English Literature" ... nothing like a little ego boost!!
  5. Thanks for your kind words! It makes me feel alot better knowing that I am not the only one to be rejected from there! I have ordered a copy of the national curriculum so I can brush up on my knowledge of it. I am waiting to here back from Gloucestershire, the University I am currently at. In comparison to the IoE interview, it is more practical based, I have a few friends who have interviews this week, and they have to teach a mini lesson for 15 mins with a group of 8 year 8 pupils. I am debating though if I get an interview either sticking to my strengths in English, and perhaps making a "fun" grammar/punctuation lesson, or whether to go out of my comfort zone, do something literature based to show that even with an English Language degree I feel comfortable to cross over to literature?
  6. shoegal44 - I think I had the same interviewer as you, didn't think the interview went well at all - she seemed to stick to everything I didn't know and didn't ask me a single question on teaching!!! Good Luck on your application!
  7. shoegal44

    shoegal44 New commenter

    Thanks Jon, and yes, it was Anne, you jogged my memory!
    I was really surprised with the interview, I had read all of the forums compulsively for possible questions and good answers, and I wasn't asked one of them! I'm not holding my breath for a place, I can't believe how many candidates have been rejected whose applications made mine look like a joke. But it's nice to know they took my application seriously and didn't just laugh at it!
  8. Hiya! I just read your message and feel a little scared now. I have an interview for the same cpusr and i did not go to a prestigious university and consider myself as having 'an average joe' mind lol
    I was wondering what kind of questions they ask u?
    I have a group discusson where i have to discuss the relevance of materials related to English teaching...i am assuming that they are going to put a few books and poems out in front of me and ask me how to teach it or summit.
    Any help would be very helpful thank u!

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