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Interview at BCU

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by MrsTKO, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. HI there
    I haven't posted on here that often so I hope this is the right place.
    I have applied to do the PGCE in design tech at BCU and I have an interview soon lasting 3-4 hours!!!. I was wondering whether anyone could give me any tips as to what I can expect and what questions they may ask. I also have to do a 5 minute presentation on my chosen subject which is food but no guidance was given into what they want me to cover.
    Any tips would be great

  2. Can anyone help with this please

  3. I would probably look at the posting and reply regarding the interview at another Uni. It will probably be general questions about education, but also read things like the white papaer on the education reform, STEM, assessment for learning etc so you are aware off issues. The presentation is possible focussing on how you deliver a topic to a group, so dont just read the information on the popwerpoint slide.
    I hope this helps
  4. If it is not too late ........
    I assume you will be there to demonstrate what you have in you that would make a good food teacher. The knowledge about the curriculum as it stands and anything you know about teaching and learning, problem - solving, sustainablility in food, co-operative learning, assessment for learning are all important things you should know about. Just gen up on what they mean at least. Why not try to get into a local school for a day to get the feel of a few lessons and it will show a keeness to learn. Also try looking on teachers tv online. there are loads of lessons and tips which, even if you only see afew, you can show you are gathering info in a positive way and have something you can talk about.
    Hoping this helps.
  5. How did it go?
  6. monkeygoeswest

    monkeygoeswest New commenter

    What the hell are you thinking of becoming a D&T teacher for... There are no jobs!!
  7. Hi

    Thank you all so much for your advice, much appreciated . I haven't had a chance to post on here or prepare for the interview yet as my husband was in a car accident on the motorway so everything has been up in the air. I have another week and a bit before the interview so I am trying to get it sorted now.

    basically i have to present an oral introduction to illustrate the skills and experiences that I could bring into the classroom when teaching. I have to use the skills audit they supplied to help structure the presention which can't be longer than 5 minutes. The skills audit covers things such as a design brief, HACCP, food preparation sensory analysis, there are a whole lot more headings and I am not sure how they expect me to do the presentation justice in 5 minutes but I'll try.
  8. Really, i thought D&T food would have been a good area to get into as food tech is becoming compulsory. Is this a bad decision then?
    I have a background in food sciene and environmental health and instead of losing all of my knowledge i wanted to put it into good use, probably very naive of me but I want to at least try.
  9. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Give it a go. Just make sure you job hunt early (Feb before you due to finish your PGCE) not matter how busy you are. There is a lack of all teaching jobs and D&T doesn't guarentee a job either, there are still a number of people unemployed from my D&T PGCE in 2008.
    If you're not leaving a secure job then you've nothing to lose anyway x
  10. Thanks for this, I can't believe i have to apply in Feb though[​IMG].
    Can't believe there are still unemployed teachers from 2008, I suppose until you are in the environment you really have no idea how bad a situation is. I was advised to go into teaching because of my background as they are calling out for food specialists!!
    Is supply in D&T a good option do you think?
  11. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    There is a limit on how much supply you can do (16 months from the first day) before you complete your NQT year (the year after your PGCE) Therefore I've avoided it so far and secured employment elsewhere for the time being (I have a term left to do).
    I imagine it will be better than other subjects due to health & safety but I could be wrong. A lot of schools uses Cover Supervisors rather than employ supply these days due to budget.
    If you have a look there are jobs advertised now for Sept 2011, there will be jobs later on in the year but the early you look the better chance you have of securing a post. Good luck, its a rewarding career if you land the right school x
  12. I know in some areas, if you are good, getting a maternity cover or similar is the best way in.
  13. Do you mean as a NQT?

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