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Interview Art Teacher Help

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by teresaferreiro, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. teresaferreiro

    teresaferreiro New commenter

    Hi there, it's the first time I' m posting here.

    I have an interview for an Art Teacher position in a secondary school. The position involves working with the oldest students, preparing them for their GCSE and A-Levels. Which would be my dream job.

    I studied my PGCE in Spain , finishing in 2012. I feel that my PGCE was very theory focused but they weren't preparing us to face interviews later on. I know teachers who have studied in the UK were trained during their PGCE to be ready for job interviews, so I am a bit concerned. I am confident of my knowledge and skills but I am getting nervous of not knowing what they are exactly looking for.
    The first part of the interview seems pretty informal, (that's what they said), it will be focused on my portfolio mainly, this is the message they sent me:

    "The longlist interview will involve an informal meeting with our Head of Art. Please make sure you bring a portfolio of your work and any other relevant material as this will form the main part of your discussion."

    I am a comic artist and illustrator, most of the work I have made is quite irreverent, I work for feminist magazines and the topics mentioned in my work are not the ones I will be bring up in the class. I have experience with all kind of techniques thanks to my Fine Art degree, however, I feel my portfolio can't really show my skills on painting/modelling/realistic drawing as I normally don't work on that and, somehow, I feel they may be more interested in making sure of getting someone who will be focusing on those techniques.

    Any advice? I would really appreciate in Art Teachers can give their own point of view, especially those who work in Secondary school and with A-Levels or GCSE students.

    Thank you so much!
  2. mmwagner

    mmwagner New commenter

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