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Interview and time off

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Verbatim21, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Does anyone know where I stand on this? I work in what could be classed as an independent school and i have been told that i am not entitled to take time off for an interview unless I take it off as part of my annual leave. is this correct???

    Many thanks
  2. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    As a general rule no employer, public or private, is obliged to give someone time off to go for an interview for another job with a different employer. Why on earth should they! The only exception is if you are under formal redundancy notice when you do have some rights to attend job interviews. If an individual employer wants to give you the right to do that they can do so by putting it into your contract of employment so the correct answer to your question depends on what your contract of employment (and all the various school/GB policies incorporated in it) says. What typically happens in local authority schools is that governors have a specific policy giving staff that right, which is part of the employees' contract of employment in that school. Traditionally LA schools didn't see other schools as 'competitors' the way private sector employers do so had no problem with allowing time off. (I wonder if that approach will survive the coming of Academies?). It would highly unusual in any private sector employment and I can't see why an independnet school should do this differently to other private sector employers. Most private sector employees wouldn't dream of telling their current employer they were going for a job interview, they'd just take annual leave or go for interviews in their lunch hour or after work.

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