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Interview activity for Year 1 advice please

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by 1981crawfs, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. 1981crawfs

    1981crawfs New commenter

    I have an interview coming up and I need to come prepared with an activity of my choosing for 4 year 1 pupils. I have planned a maths activity as do not know their reading or writing abilities but am starting to worry that my choice of activity is going to be too easy!

    I am going to do an activity on counting and ordering numbers. Will start with 0 - 10 and move on to 20. Start with them counting out loud and then get them to help me sort out the number cards I have dropped and put them in order smallest to biggest. Basically create a large number line on floor or table.

    Will then encourage them to create a small human number line but with random numbers, so give them each a number card and see if they can stand in the correct number order. Again start 0 - 10 then up to 20. Will bring myself into the number line too by asking them where I should go in the line with my own number card.

    The idea is to see if they can put numbers in order and also whether they understand what is smaller and bigger. Will be listening out for them to say smaller or bigger. What other vocab should I listen for? 1 more than or 1 less than maybe?

    Will repeat a few times and then give them an activity sheet with muddled numbers to put in correct order onto the caterpillar.

    Doubting myself a little now though. Would this be too simple or just right, I have no idea on their learning level and have 10 -15 min with them.

    Advice please
  2. OBakaSama

    OBakaSama Occasional commenter

    First thought: you mention not knowing their reading or writing abilities (at least I assume this is the case); this is also true of their maths attainment levels too.

    Having had an interview with similar stipulations, these are my thoughts.

    The idea of ordering numbers seems fine, should certainly engage them (hopefully) as it's physical (kinaesthetic) and visual. It hits some of those bases about the whole learner and different learning styles.

    What I imagine will be the barriers for success:
    (1) Behaviour. (This can be tricky, and if this is not successful then the chance of success for the activity you have planned is mostly a lost cause.)
    (2) Timing. (Make sure you can fit in what you want to do in the time you have. For some schools, 10-15 minutes is very much starter/input time. So it needs to be kept very tight.)
    (3) Differentiation. (Although it's essentially a starter activity with respect to time allowance, I have seen an increasing trend of starters being differentiated. As such, the main part of your activity should have some room for accounting for those who have higher/lower attainment levels.)

    Good luck.
  3. 1981crawfs

    1981crawfs New commenter

    Thank you for your reply and useful points to consider. I would have responded sooner but have been rather busy.

    Just wanted to say that my interview was a great success as was the activity I carried out and I have been offered a position at the school!! Starting in a weeks time and can not wait.

    No more interviews, yay!
  4. OBakaSama

    OBakaSama Occasional commenter

    Well done. Congratulations.

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