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interventions for helping children open up and "talk"

Discussion in 'Primary' started by minx_2001, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. minx_2001

    minx_2001 New commenter

    I have a little boy in school who is witnessing lots of inappropriate things at home.

    I am after any interventions people have used - or are currently using - to help children open up and talk more (as opposed to just having a good chat with him about things that are worrying him) therefore he can process what is going on and doesn't have everything bottled up and can possibly make sense of it.

  2. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    This problem sounds more therapeutic than educational so just be careful, but here is something we used in school that was given to us by a therapist. "House, Person, Tree" - you ask the child to draw a house, a person and a tree on a piece of paper. It provides the basis for all sorts of discussion as they are drawing and you may be quite surprised by some of the things that come up. For example - where do they put the person? Inside or outside? Who is it? Does the house have a door? If not, ask why not? What does the tree look like? Full leaf? Dead? Just a gentle discussion one to one while he draws may allow him to talk whilst focusing on something else.

    Also look through the child protection stuff. We had guidelines and activities in school for children who witnessed domestic violence for example.
  3. smallschool

    smallschool New commenter

    We have a TA trained to use 'Drawing and Talking' therapy which has helped our military children with long term absence of a parent, a child whose parent died and a child whose sibling was in hospital after a car accident. She has a number of picture starting points and then uses it as a basis for open questions. I would be wary of doing this with out the training though as I have been surprised by some of the things that the TA has said, that she has picked up on. They would not have been a laymans thoughts.

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