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Internet Dating

Discussion in 'Personal' started by unhappylil, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone
    Not sure why I am writing really but I have recently signed up with an internet dating site as I have been single for quite a long time and am fed up of being on my own. I have been talking to a guy who seems really nice and we were planning to meet up soon but I had got quite a lot of stuff going at the moment so didn't really have the time to meet, but I have now found I am available for a couple of days so could prob meet up with him sooner, I am just really nervous about meeting up with him in case he doesn't like me, I met up with someone else and there was no spark between us. It doesn't help that I am not really very confident and having dated for quite a while.
    Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. Fierygirl

    Fierygirl New commenter


    I tried it once when I found my boyfriend had been multiple cheating on me. Removed all my details after a month or so.

    Just remember that people can come across how they like in emails and are often very different when you meet them.

    Lower your expectations accordingly - you'll be much less nervous and a whole lot less disappointed! See it as a chance to meet new people, not as a way to meet Prince Charming.
  3. Just meet up with him. You don't exactly have anything to lose in doing so! If he doesn't like you then so be it, just move on to the next guy.
  4. Professor Dumbledore

    Professor Dumbledore New commenter

    Oh please stick it out! Meet many and often, I am only a couple of weeks into seeing a really lovely man - he was only my second off the internet! Of COURSE a first date will be awkward, and you will struggle to find an immediate spark - God, I came out of my first date with this one not feeling great until he gave a massive great smacking kiss!
    My first one was dire though, but you just have to see it as something tried, but not successful! I have no self confidence either, but I'm getting glimmers of it at the moment and it feels good.
    Good luck, please keep at it!
  5. I would say go on the date and just see what happens. It's only one date don't build it in to anything more than that. At worst it's a couple of hours out of your life at best..... well I met my other half this way and can honestly say I've never been happier. There was no way we would ever have met in regular day to day life but neither of us could ever imagine not being in each other's lives now.
    Having said that both of us had done internet dating for a while and met a variety of people (good and bad) and had a number of "interesting" experiences so I would not be disappointed if the first few people you meet are none starters.
    Go, have fun and then see how you feel about things afterwards.
  6. Go for it! Follow all the rules and tell someone where you are going, arrange to text them when you arrive and when you leave - or by a certain time. I met my now husband through the internet.I think he was about the 8th person I had met. The others ranged from gorgeous and boring to midget dwarfs with huge egos, but after the initial awkwardness of the meeting, it was just like any other first date. Don't be put off if this man is not the one, just have a laugh and a chat and move on if he isn't for you.
  7. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I am just going to repeat what all of the others have said. You might be lucky and this guy might be Mr Right but it's unlikely. The more people you meet via internet dating the more likely you are to find the right one.
    Go and meeting him with an open mind - be ready for both extremes of good and bad because you will find them!
    I met my husband using internet dating over 7 years ago now and would recommend it. You get to meet a variety of people and 90% of them genuinely want a relationship, always a good starting point!
  8. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    I agree! Go for it!! I am dabbling in internet dating myself at the moment. I am talking frequently to a few guys who seem really nice. However I have had one date and despite him being nice looking and us actually getting on quite well there was no spark there. He seemed quite overly keen and I just had to be honest and say that I wasn't. Not easy!! He was fine with that and we remained friends on Facebook and still chat occasionally. My point being that you DON'T know how well you will click with someone until you meet face to face and although I'm looking forward to future dates I will not build my hopes up for any of them - just view them as a night out with a friend. Anything else is a bonus. Last word of advice - KEEP SAFE! Always tell someone where you are going, who with and when you expect to be home. Good luck! VP xxx
  9. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    actually i used tobe asked to ring my friends up part way though an internet date....that way if she needed an excuse to escape she could take it.......or stay if they were happy.
    it used to make me laugh as many of thenm used to say it was their dad ringing!
    Maybe you should tell a friend where you are and ask them to ring you part way....then you can escape if you feel its not working out?
  10. Ahhh Olds that made me giggle! [​IMG] x
  11. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    Marvellous Olds!! Do you still offer the same service...??! xxx
  12. Update... Due to various circumstances I haven't met up with this guy but hopefully plan to do so shortly. However, I am slightly concerned that it takes him on average 4/5 days to reply to an email and it's got me wondering whether it's worth bothering with him or not. As I am kind of thinking that if it takes that long for him to reply (which seems a long time to me) then he can't really be that interested.
    As I said I am new to the dating and internet dating world so any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. Hi met 2nd husband on t'internet and we were togther 9 years and still mates. I had a 2 year relationship and 18 month relationship with guys I met on dating sites. Best of all I met mr c on dating site and I can say I have never been happier, he is my soul mate.

    Had a few duff dates, no spark or I didn't fancy them or we had nothing much in common, but nothing traumatic.

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