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International Schools Review..

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by slingshotsally, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Hi all,
    I was just wondering if anyone has found this site to give useful information about schools that you were considering working for.
    Are the reviews helpful? Did you find them true or accurate?
  2. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    *** is full of reviews by staff with a grudge. There are the odd one that is reliable, but mostly negative trash talk.
  3. bulegila

    bulegila New commenter

    This site saved me from a dodgy school in the Middle East. The reviews were mixed and as the years went by seemed to get worse. It was useful to have some questions to ask at the interview too. They weren't really answered which rang a few alarm bells. Along with only being interviewed by a business manager not any of the SMT. The contract also sent more alarm bells. I think it was a bullet well dodged.
  4. bulegila

    bulegila New commenter

    Some of them you do have to take with a pinch of salt. However if they are constantly getting bad reviews it does make you wonder.
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  5. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    All information can be useful. It is still up to the individual to intelligently weigh and consider how relevant or valid the information may be. In my experience, the truly personal and nasty reviews tend to stand out and can be discounted to some extent.
    Hmmm. MM, have you ever found yourself trashed on *** by a disgruntled teacher or former teacher?
  6. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    Sometimes the most telling aspect of *** is if a school is NOT reviewed. Happy/content/beaten into submission staff rarely take the time to complain.

    That being said, there are some very fair reviews that provided a balanced and informative picture of the school, unfortunately these are countered by the ones who insist on spewing liable about a school who has done them an injustice. It is a necessary evil, in those circumstances where schools are clearly not interested in the welfare of staff there must be a venue to voice this, again, on the flip side there should be a space where good schools get the recognition for that.

  7. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Having written no less than three reviews for the ***, I would say that not all of the reviews are biased, inaccurate, out-of-date and "spewing liable" (and spelling mistakes?) No, momentofclarity, you need to consider the possibility that even some of the most venomous and vitriolic reviews on the *** website have been written because the schools concerned really are absolutely blooming awful. If this is indeed the case, then those who wrote the "negative" reviews are merely reporting the facts in a truthful and even-handed manner.
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  8. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Sadly, whilst I'd love to have a peep at the site and see what it offers, the likelihood of it providing support - not all schools are covered - and the limited times I may need it - every two years - make it hard to justify joining, especially if it indeed full of bitter people. Maybe they should reconsider alternatives as to how they charge for it.
  9. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    happygreenfrog, if you do not like all of the bile and bitterness, perhaps you should write a few reviews yourself?
    Thirty dollars is not a huge lot of cash to pay for something that may help you to avoid making a very big (and costly) mistake. Perhaps your present school does not pay very well and that is why you think that the *** membership fee is too high!
  10. Generally, I feel it was 30$ well spent. But unfortunately, *** was somewhat responsible for accepting a job I shouldn't have. When I was offered a position in this small school, I was surprised to find several reviews on ***. I was even more pleasantly surprised that they were very good, painting the place as an outstanding school to work at. I thought I'd just won the lottery. I took the offer and turned down another I had received around the same time because I couldn't find any reviews or info on this other school.

    Can you guess what happened next? All the glowing reviews were in fact written by the Head and his wife (who were also the owners of the school, a toxic mix if there ever was one). The school turned out to be a shambolic and dangerous mess from which I was lucky to escape. So beware of overly negative reviews... But take the very positive ones with a grain of salt too.
  11. That's fantastic! What a pair of ****s (insert any four letter profanity).
    Unlike *** you can't name the school but you could throw up a couple of clues AB?
    Gooooo on!
  12. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

  13. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Hmmm, I may have a peep. Someone quoted some figures on here which were much more expensive by that measley sum.
  14. I Think *** is great value for money, can't remember exactly what I paid about 20GBP I think. Of course you have to consider what is being said carefully. I was interviewed by a school recently, it sounder fantastic.I looked it up on the *** and found 27 individual postings about the school, 26 of which were negative and one which said all the others were teachers with an axe to grind! That's a lot of axes!
    I believe that *** are doing what the TES is to cowardly to do, its giving us, the teachers, a voice.
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  15. momentofclarity

    momentofclarity New commenter

    There are some over top negative reviews Hippo, and these are usually based on a single person's very negative experience, usually written in anger with a personal axe to grind. All I was saying was that there are good informative reviews, and clearly axe to grind reviews. Any review with all 10's and rainbows and unicorns has to clearly be taken with a grain of salt, but by the same token any review with all 1-2's and nothing but negative comments is not a very balanced picture and clearly written in anger based on most likely a single or several events only affecting that individual. If there are consistently poor reviews then yes, school is bad, or at least bad enough to warrant a closer look. Consistently good reviews do not necessarily make a good school either as there are some dubious characters who would use *** as a recruitment tool. It is a useful forum and right now the best place to get some inside information about many of the schools out there. I will be writing one for my current establishment, but not for a few months - I want it to be fair, right now it would just be angry.

    Enjoy the Summer!
  16. I think it's not bad value, especially if you use it sensibly (and can pitch in with others to buy a mebership). When I was considering my present school there was only one (bad) review. That said to me that very few people must have complaints and my gut instinct was right (not that the school is perfect - just quite unlike the lone poster described). On the other hand, reviews on the school I was leaving were a seething mass of discontent. That also sends a red flag to any potential applicants.
  17. He does on 'ere!
    Don't ya wide boy?

  18. Is in eastern/central europe, is my partner's country. Am expecting a major culture shock but have been there several times and I always have a great time there, I really like the people. Good or bad, am looking forward to a new challenge. Would be great to hear from people if they're willing to share their experiences.
  19. That's a lot of experiences.
    Specify, dear boy, specify - you are not going to get in to trouble for naming a bloody country!

  20. Slovakia

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