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International schools in Bangkok

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by toodles90, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. toodles90

    toodles90 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I apologize if these questions has already arisen but I would love to hear from people who have taught/are teaching in Bangkok at the minute.

    What are the better international schools to apply for?

    What are the working conditions like?

    What would the salary be in these schools for someone with four years experience?

    Thanking you ☺️
  2. Morena123

    Morena123 New commenter

    I'm in Bangkok, happy to answer any questions. Obviously difficult without naming schools but there are several with great reputations and many more that are decent. There are some I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, too!

    Salaries vary quite widely, the top few schools pay considerably more than the next tier. Medical etc should also be included by any school worth going to. Most schools offer a housing allowance of some kind.

    Not sure on exact salaries but I think at my school (mid-range, not a top 5 but doing ok and improving) you would expect close to 100k THB a month before tax. But as I said, we don't have housing on top of that whereas other schools at our level might pay a touch less but top it up with housing. I do know of at least one school that would appear to be half-decent that has a starting salary not much above half what ours is, so when I say the salaries vary I really mean it!!

    Work/life balance is great, Bangkok is a great city to live in. Lots of people come for a few years and stay for many! Most of my friends live in small but really smart condos with decent facilities, right on the BTS line so very well-connected. I live in a house more on the outskirts of the city as I have small children and a dog. It really suits us and I feel like we have the best of both worlds.

    If you have any specific questions, do ask. There's loads of Bangkok teachers on here so you should get a good level of response.
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  3. motorhomer

    motorhomer New commenter

    How long does your commute take each way?
  4. Morena123

    Morena123 New commenter

    I walk to school in 5 minutes on my own, 10 mins if I have my kids in tow!

    We used to live outside the city and drive in, that took 30 mins in the morning leaving early and feeding my children breakfast in the staff room to avoid traffic. Drive home took 40-60 mins.

    My school is directly beside a BTS stop so most colleagues and kids come in that way, commuting 10-30 mins depending on how far into the city they live.
  5. motorhomer

    motorhomer New commenter

    Wow, so you have your house and an easy commute. That sounds perfect! I always figured that I'd have to decide between living in a house further away from school and consequently having a longer commute or living in an apartment and having a shorter commute. The fact that you have both must make you feel very settled, well done.
  6. Morena123

    Morena123 New commenter

    We're very lucky in our location, for sure! Having a dog obviously limited our options too. But my school is not super central so it was easier to get a house. If I was at a school in a really central location near the BTS, there's no way I'd afford a place like this! (It's a proper 4 bed, spacious place with outdoor space front and back, in a lovely compound with great neighbours). Honestly moving here has made me think we might stay in BKK forever haha!!
  7. motorhomer

    motorhomer New commenter

    That's great, I'm very happy for you. :)
  8. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    We’re close to our schools. We work at different schools but they are proximate to each other. The primary and secondary are split but at least one of the campuses is on the bts line. We also have a detached house with garden because we also have a dog. There still are houses available in
    Phra Khanong. One of us has a housing allowance and one of us has better health insurance. Schools differ a lot. If you have kids and/or a trailing spouse choose carefully.
  9. PuertaDelVino

    PuertaDelVino New commenter

    Some spoilt teachers on here presuming they should be entitled to detached houses for their cheap job in BANG ***. I hope you all get a yearly check up is all I can say.
  10. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    I work in a school in Thailand whose salary was recently described as 'rubbish' on a recent FaceBook thread. We live in a four bedroom detached house with a shared pool. In fact, up to this point I've never worked anywhere other than lower second tier schools and have lived in large detached houses in two out of three of my schools.

    You're not a Musik Teacher, are you?
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  11. fordseries123

    fordseries123 New commenter


    For a teacher with QTS and a few years teaching in the UK, I would expect a minimum of 100,000B after tax per month. With housing, medical insurance, bonus at end of contract,flights to and from origin, work permit and visa paid for and shipping allowance. If you have children their schooling should be 100 percent free as well as their flights and visas. All of the Tier 1 schools do/cover this and a few of the the Tier 2 schools also.

    Depending on your position at your school and subject area, the working conditions are usually a lot more relaxed compared to the UK. PPA time varies from around 6 to 10 periods a week!!!!! Smaller class sizes to (I have gone from 32 in the UK to an average of 18).
    You may have to come in for a few Saturdays now and then (marketing, sporting fixtures or schools events) but casually only a few each year. Days start early 7 or 7.30am over here, but you can usually leave the better international schools by 3.30pm or 4pm.

    Bangkok is great city, lots of fun, wonderful locals, amazing food, great base to travel from, pretty safe and for families - child friendly. However, pollution at this time of year and the famous traffic can be both worrying and annoying respectively.

    Any specific questions ask away.
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  12. fordseries123

    fordseries123 New commenter

    Who stated this? Very strange unhelpful comment.
  13. Bsmart19

    Bsmart19 New commenter

    I live about 7k from my school. In the morning it’s a 15min taxi ride. In the evening it can take up to an hour!

    But the working hours are much better! I can be home by 4 if I time it right. It’s so lovely.

    Traffic can be an issue, but it’s manageable once you’ve figured it out!

    I have a really lovely 2 bed apartment which is spacious and in a great building with good facilities. School pay for it too.
    My salary is 120000 + take home (after tax and rent) so pretty damn good. And I support my trailing spouse.

    Class sizes are small and facilities are incredible. PPA is amazing. It’s hard to imagine a better place to live tbh.

    The pollution is an issue. It’s part of the reason I’m moving on. It’s a shame but I’ve loved living here and I would recommend it, although I’d be concerned if I were bringing small children but each to their own. I think the pollution is getting worse world wide.

    I think there are schools which have good reps and there’s are schools which do not and it’s quite easy to find which ones are which on this site! And by looking at *** too although it can be a little one sided. I’ve read bad reviews for my advice school and I can imagine who might have written them!!
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  14. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    Really? Some of us are real teachers here.
  15. rouxx

    rouxx Lead commenter

    Pretty sure he is, having seen a few messages from him
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  16. Camray1

    Camray1 New commenter

  17. PuertaDelVino

    PuertaDelVino New commenter

    That us exactly what I thought and I am a real teacher with a heartbeat and on-campus PGCE lol. No school in Thailand pays 120k unless you've been there about 5 years or more surely? Mind you I did see one school's payscale a while ago and it did go up to 150k just about which is pretty incredible really for a school in the Land of Smiles. :)
  18. Bsmart19

    Bsmart19 New commenter

    I’m 11 years teaching. My school does not have the highest salary in the city either. Also I have been with them for 5 years so yes I’m going up their scale.
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  19. Bsmart19

    Bsmart19 New commenter

    I am too. I’ve worked here almost 5 years. My school pay really well. I have been teaching 11 years and they account for that plus the years since I completed my degree when I wasn’t teaching. I guess it depends what you’re teaching and how much they want you?
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  20. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    If you do a search for ‘the school on the hill’ Bangkok they have their pay scale online
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