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International School Induction Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by fluteman, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hey, chees for your reply!! Really useful information... I've got an interview at an independent school and another aplicaiton has gone in. I'll apply for ESF when the jobs come out. Let's hope for the best. Are you currently teaching in Hongers? Primary or secondary? How long have you been out there...?!! Ultimately I want to explore life in a different culture to what I know in the UK, learn new languages, meet new people etc. I figured that Hongers would be different enough yet due to it's British heritage and cosmopolitan vibe, not too difficult to mould into... Am I along the right lines or way off...?!!
    Again, cheers fr taking the time!!
    Much appreciated!!
    Let's hope I get a job!!!
  2. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    I dislike the idea of diving into the expat community and avoid it where possible. I find too many have an elitist attitude and think the locals are simply not as good as them. Whilst I understand we miss certain things from back home, I also find they wish to simply recreate home rather than adopt, adapt and embrace the local community. Generalising I know, but making friends locally and even getting a local partner - which I did and married her - is the way I'd always prefer.
    Enjoy HK if you get that opportunity. As a tourist I found it vibrant and thrilling: Mrs frog and I consider it our favourite destination.
  3. As per my experience, it has not been so easy. Not only because I only teach part time but also because lots of my colleagues have been at the school for up to 20 years so they don't really need to meet new people. It's abit like being back home. At my school, there has been quite a new teachers but no induction whatsoever. It has not bothered me as I am here with husband and kids.
    I know a couple whom I work with in China who have also found it difficult to make friends at the school they work at. They really miss the circle of friends they left behind.
    As for as ESF is concerned , there is a great community. I do supply for them and in one school in particular but I don't know how much they socialise at weekends.
    The other problems is that people live anywhere , on different islands . it can take up to one hour of travelling if we want to meet up for a drink. it can take a real effort!
    Saying that, I love Hong Kong. one of the easiest places to live and settle. I've lived and worked in 7 countries as well as mainland china and HK is my favorite place.
    Good luck with the application.
  4. Hey, thanks for this information...
    I have an interview in Jan... Providing that I get a job, I'm looking to embrace Hong Kong culture... clearly make links with the expat community but also meet and greet others outside of this circle!!
    'wunches of bankers' - like it!!
    I'm 28, 7 years into teaching, musical and ready to explore life a little more! I'm not overly sports driven but like the music scene... live gigs, classical... Would be awesome to find some playing opportunities...
    How easy was it to make friends insie and outside of work...?! I think it was Mrgreenfrog who mentioned that they found it difficult to break into well established friendships within work... This is concerning...
    Friends who have taught in Hongers tell me that there are loads of opportunities to meet anyone and everyone in the excellent nightlife etc and meet friends through friends... etc
    I'm a very outgoing person but clearly feel a little apprehensive about feeling so far away form the safety net and lacking that crucial social aspect to working overseas...
    Any advice etc...
    All of this is assuming that I am lucky enough to geta job, of course!!


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