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International Primary curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Johno_1983, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Has anyone had any experience of using the International Primary curriculum?

  2. Has anyone had any experience of using the International Primary curriculum?

  3. We have used it for a few years now
  4. I'd also be interested in what you think about it, any pros or cons?

  5. It is expensive and we haven't really used it as per the IPC topics so we are stopping using it soon...

    But thankfully we are keeping the idea of a thematic curriculum which most staff - and pupils enjoy.

    The IPC is a supposed off the shelf curriculum that can be adapted slightly to different cohorts.
    As Science is a SATs subject we kept the QCA science and tried to fit it into the curriculum were it would fit but otherwize it is taught as a stand alone.

    We didn't use a lot of the IPC ideas as a staff we found that many of our original plans for foundation subjects were better than IPC was offering so subject leaders adjusted MTP to fit to the IPC theme and units swapped between year groups to fit with the Theme (Topic) Some units completely reworked to fit with Themes but essential skills kept. This was a task and a half for some subjects but the links are not forced.

    The idea of entry points and exit points was good in themselves but a lot of the ideas were very flat, however our HT aloud the teachers some scope and we went for it.

    The international element of IPC we found hard as a very monoculture school we didn't have natural links so this is where we needed to work and are.

    We are continuing to follow a very thematic curriculum but I think without IPC. (not part of SMT so not fully in the loop)

    Would say that having taught under the IPC umbrella would say the thematic approach really inspires the pupils especially the entry / exit points (Already had pupils ask if they would be doing XXX in year as the heard from their freinds how good it was.)
    But I think that given backing of SMT that teachers could have made these topics themselves.

    Any use?
  6. How's everyone getting on with implementing and using IPC? Finally getting to grips with planning! Takes so long finding suitable resources though, wish they'd hold more links to useful web sites.
  7. Is this Johno from Malaysia?
  8. I agree with you exactly. I have been asked to trial the Chocolate themed unit to see if worth buying at my new school. However when I heard how much it is I said to my deputy I would happily write my own scheme for everyone for less than £10,000! Since qualifying I have only ever taught using this approach and have produced schemes of work which I think are just as good if not better than the Chocolate one. As you said the resources issue is a real problem and there is far too much emphasis on "research activities". I also think science should be kept as QCA as I feel the lessons do not go into depth or build on knowledge from lesson to lesson. I am going to try and put my point across to DH tomorrow as I think it is going to be more work rather than less, and if I am going to put all this extra time in I'd rather it be on lessons I had planned from scratch.
  9. Thanks alot for your helpful information about IPC .
    we are going to start using it next year ,, but I'm not sure how will be the integration of English and maths year 5
    because our HP asked us to do integration , on the other had they are using SAT's !!!
  10. seza-lou

    seza-lou New commenter

    I am using it with Early years at an international school. It has it's pros and cons, we have found that we have to supplement what has been written and that you do have to find the resources which I think takes the longest. Luckily I am in a 4 stream school and we can delegate, for the most part we have been able to intergtrate it with Maths and Literacy but like I said beforeit does take a long time
  11. bonniconni

    bonniconni New commenter

    We paid thousands of pounds for it, struggled with it for 2 years and then ditched it. It did give us the confidence to go for a themed curriculum that suits our school, but it is a lot of money for very little in return. Most of the topics include endless "internet research" and the international elements were, in many cases, not relevant for us. Nearly all our children are WBR so the parts of IPC that require the children to use their home country as basis for work was not at all useful. Very disappointing and expensive. You can use the money much more effectively to create and resource your own topics that suit your school.
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  12. Brucetta

    Brucetta New commenter

    Agree with what has been said. For the money you don't really get that much and there seems to be a lot of things that are not covered or are covered in more than one mile post without much progression.

    We didn't attempt to link the maths at all and the literacy was very rarely linked but I'm sure there would be plenty of opportunities to do so.

    Definitely agree with what was said about research. Most tasks all the way through the school seem to involve lots and lots of research.

    I know though that some schools swear by it and apparently OFSTED love it. It my own experience ESTYN not so much.
  13. KR4STAR

    KR4STAR New commenter

    Hi, I will be IPC subject leader in September, I wondered if anyone had any advice on how to manage it. We have been using it for about a year and some teachers have found it difficult to engage with. I would be grateful for any advice.
  14. emmat34

    emmat34 New commenter

    Hi KR4STAR - we have been using for longer than you and are now on repeats. It was hard to begin with but worth it in the end. It gives a framework to pick from and adjust. Yes, down the school they found their own topics were more interesting. I now enjoy it and have confidence to change it. It is time heavy though. As for managing it - I was Hist/Geog co-ordinator and I found it very blocky. I would come to do a book review (not a 'scrutiny' - that means to criticize) and classes hadn't done any! So that was hard to manage - so I reckon book reviews for classes AS their topics hit those subjects. I am now Science co-ordinator and we feel the science is not quite in depth enough - it can easily get lost so we are looking into a different way to manage that. As for the research - loads of it - each topic we did I made a big floor book for and put in all the photos, mind maps etc. At the end of a topic, all the wall displays went in too and it actually looked good. They are time consuming but seem to pull in the learning journey behind the work. Harder to get quality writing in their books though in the time, without being more cross curricular with English. As for the international part - each class adopts a country for a couple of years. We have 3 international days in a year and when we come back to home and host countries we just use our adopted country to contrast and compare with. I have sent you a message in case you want a chat.
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