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International Pay it Forward Day - Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by jonowen, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. jonowen

    jonowen Occasional commenter

    What a lovely idea! I don't suppose you plan to visit north of Gretna by any chance?!! Seriously, I had an in-service day recently led by local ed. psychs focussing on the transition between P7 and S1 and one of the activities was paying someone a compliment - dead easy concept but with such positive results. I try this out sometimes and it does give the kids pause for thought (in my class anyway!) I've often thought what a good activity that would be for teachers too.
    Are there more ideas on the PIFF web-site?
  2. I'm not wildly close to Gretna, but always happy to adventure!
    Giving anything - a compliment, a smile, praise - all so valuable in school and in life. The simple things often have the most effective and most profound impact.
    My teacher participants today were almost all moved to tears today and all I really did was create a space for them to connect with themselves, STOP! and be still; to breathe and to honour themselves. What if we gave our students and our teachers some SPACE TO BREATHE!!!
    No ideas on PIF website, just blogging and info to FB pages etc. Here's the link http://www.pifexperience.org
    And by the way, did I mention you're looking very dapper today ;0)

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