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Internally marked KS2 Writing SATS.....again!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lisawba, May 1, 2012.

  1. Lisawba

    Lisawba New commenter

    Had a conversation with a colleague at another school yesterday who said that they were doing the short writing task on one day and long writing on another day - can this be done if we are marking the test papers? Or do they have to be completed on the same day? The reasoning behind their decision is that they are seperate papers and therefore could be done on different days.
    Have looked on all the relevant QCA webpages and looked in the ARA and Administration Guides and either I need my eyes testing and have missed it or there is nothing to confirm or deny that the tests could be administered seperately.

  2. I think that if your school have decided to mark the papers internally, then it is down to the school to decide as and when you do the writing papers. I've been led to believe that you don't even have to do them on 'SATs Week'. Having said that, my year 6's are still doing them on the Tuesday, and that's the longer writing,shorter writing and spelling test! But that's just what the head decided, I guess some things will never change...
    Poor kids though, I feel sorry for them having to do it all one one day :/
  3. seekingstars

    seekingstars New commenter

    My class are doing the longer task on Weds next week and the shorter and spellings on Thursday. Lots of people I know have already done them...mostly on different days. This is perfectly acceptable as they are only one part of teacher assessment. If you want to you can do them right up to the end of June.

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