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Internal candidates getting jobs

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by kalang, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Just had feedback from an interview the other day. They went through the questions, etc, then said the internal candidate got the job. What's the point? Scotland should introduce the 'taught' lesson like England does. It would stop this BS. They also said the other candidate knew more about departmental discipline procedures. Well of course they did - they've been teaching in the school.
  2. Don't get me wrong. If the boot was on the other foot, I would be well pleased. But it just seems such a waste of time to lose a day's wages when the job never existed in the first place...grrrrr...
  3. Totally agree with you, kalang. The job should not just be based on how well you 'perform' in an interview, more importantly, it should be based on how well you can teach.
  4. BillyBobJoe

    BillyBobJoe Lead commenter

    To be fair, an interview lesson tells you very little either.
  5. Am thinking about complaining tbh. The question on departmental behavioural policy was fixed. How on earth would I know that? Yet the supply bod obviously would. They also did not bother to ask if I had any questions, or photocopy my degrees and gtc thing, or offer travel expenses. All fixed..
  6. halfajack

    halfajack Occasional commenter

    How exactly? Would the internal candidate not possibly know the pupils and have a better rapport with them? Would they not be guided towards what the panel wanted to see if it was fixed? I agree with your sentiment, having failed to secure jobs at many an interview with an internal candidate, but am confused as to why you think a lesson would make it any fairer.
  7. Am thinking about complaining tbh. The question on departmental behavioural policy was fixed. How on earth would I know that? Yet the supply bod obviously would. They also did not bother to ask if I had any questions, or photocopy my degrees and gtc thing, or offer travel expenses. All fixed..
  8. Was it one following their departmental policy or just a general question to see if you tend to follow a department's policy or to go your own way? I've seen internal candidates who seemed very good blow things over an interview and be pipped by someone ho did better on the day.
  9. It was about dealing with s3 nutter - how would you deal with it? The reply was the winning candidate had been working at the school and knew departmental policy better..

    That's not fair.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I've known a considerable number of internal candidates who did not get posts when someone else performed better at interview.
    There is absolutely no guarantee that you would have performed better at an interview lesson than an internal candidate and I would definitely fight against such an arbitrary measure of competence.
  11. Sigh. This happens ALL the time. Try not to be too angry, as there isn't much you can do about it. Personally, I would prefer it if other potential applicants knew about internal candidates - at least they would be able to make an informed choice about going ahead and applying anyway. I agree it's frustrating.
  12. 3 candidates. Me, girl from down south and supply bod...sickening...poor lassy drove all that way for nothing. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  13. You have no idea how you did at interview or how the other candidates performed. Complain if you think the process was unfair (the question doesn't sounds it but the feedback might suggest it) but don't assume that you were wasting your time - plenty of people are surprised by the outcomes of interviews.
  14. Yes - I should not be surprised at the outcome. I am cheesed off at losing a day's wages though!
    It would also be good if there was a way to find out if there was an internal candidate going for the job. It would save an awful lot of people's time and energy.
  15. Are you saying that, in general, potential applicants would not bother if they knew there was an internal applicant for a position? If yes, then surely that would make a mockery of a system that does at least offer some degree of fairness.
    Your feedback suggests that the only thing you fell down on was a lesser knowledge of the in-house discipline policy - which, to me, suggests a close run battle for the position as any panel simply has to find some way of ranking applicants. It also begs the question - did you take sufficient steps to familiarise yourself with the policy in the first place? If you think that you did, you may have to review what you consider to be sufficient for future opportunities. If you know that you didn't, then next time make sure that you do.
    Good luck for future interviews - and remember to always assume that there will be at least one internal applicant and prepare accordingly - don't just give up.
  16. I think it is legally possible now to challenge interview decisions, and to sue if you believe there has been inherent unfairness in the process. Mind you, not that that would get you very far with this job! I heard of a lawyer in his 50s the other day suing an oil and gas company for loss of potential earnings to the tune of £12 million!
    The reality is that there usually is an inside candidate, and they can be at an advantage, especially if they've been doing an acting job. On the other hand, if they've an on-going problem with S3 nutters, maybe the in-house discipline policy isn't working so well, and they're actually looking for fresh ideas from outside.
  17. I recently went for two permanent jobs in the school I work in both of which I'm doing temporarily. The first one I didn't get but went to another internal candidate. The second however I also didn't get. The HT was very clear that it had to be done on interview and that she could be challenged legally. When she went through my answers and what I should have said I did see that there was quite a disparity. Luckily for me, because the other job was taken internally it still leaves a gap, so they're keeping me on until March and I get to stay with my class.
  18. Freddie92

    Freddie92 Occasional commenter

    Sorry about not getting the job, but to be honest if there were two jobs going and you didn't get one of them... I think that tells you something: your face doesn't fit. They sadly don't think you are doing a good job. I know they can't say that, they won't say that, but if they really wanted you they would have appointed you. It may be nothing to do with you, but perhaps your PT has put the boot into you behind your back. I'd be looking to get out of there ASAP even if it is supply elsewhere. Don't fall for their BS.
  19. Agreed, this happened to me, I was working temporarily at a school, two jobs came up, didn't even get an interview for either of them despite being told previously that I was doing a good job and got a good reference and everything. They were all too happy to have me in for supply after that though. It just made me realise that people only get jobs internally if they are the schools/headteachers 'kind of people'. As Freddie said, as long as your face fits, you're fine, otherwise move on and find somewhere you have a better chance. Incidentally shortly after I realised this I got another job elsewhere!
  20. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Correct. The internal candidates issue one is a funny one. The internal candidate will get it if their face fits with current HT. In the past,I've seen some shocking appointments where great internal candidates (promoted post) did not get it because didn't fit with fairly new HT.

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