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Interfaith / Spiritual Garden

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by poppy2004, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. poppy2004

    poppy2004 New commenter

    Strange thread for the end of the year but I just wondered if anyone had ever been involved in designing/putting together a garden in school with an interfaith or spiritual theme?
    If so - what did you do?
    If not - any ideas anyone?
    Have a great summer everyone! [​IMG]

  2. http://www.reep.org/gardens/garden-in-a-term/index.php I think the REEP site might be useful...
  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Some years ago I taught at a school in Birmingham which had a really excellent RE teacher. She had designed and planted such a garden and spent a lot of her 'free time' (out of school hours) - from what I could tell - I was only working there for a few weeks - tending it. She was retiring that summer and i have often wondered what happened to her and to the garden.

    Just had a look for the school but can't find it. I will try to track it down. If the RE HOD is contactable she would be an invaluable resource for this. I think that she 'drew' the symbols on the bare earth and planted them with bulbs so that they came out in flower because they were starting to come out when I was there. I have a feeling that the garden was set up as a memorial to a pupil who had been killed in a road accident.
  4. I have just completed the rejuvenation of an area outside my RS classrooms. It is generally known now as the 'Tranquillity Garden' and although does not contain many overt religious symbols or related plants, it is meant to be an area for quiet reflection and contemplation.
    I worked with Year 7s to get the overall design together, then a parent who is a garden designer provided us with the planting plans.
    There are heavily planted beds providing lots of colour in spring and autumn (no point flowering in the summer hols!) plus a 'dry garden' area with rockery stones and more structural planting. This also features a yin-yang of black and white cobbles and a Thai Buddha in meditative pose from the local garden centre! The main area also incorporates a decking/pergola raised 'stage' area and enough bench seating for a class, so it also functions as an outdoor classroom. This is 'bookable' by any class so benefits the whole school. It has also done a nice job of raising the profile of the department and showing that the school really values our subject.
    Happy to provide additional information or pictures if you would like. Good luck with your plans!
  5. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    Sounds absolutely great. Can you share any photos? You could just upload the post you have put here as an explanation and then a few photographs - perhaps including some with a class 'at work' there.

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