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Interesting Slashdot thread....

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by autismuk, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. About the jobs market for "Computer Science" (which appears to include IT)

  2. TBH, the graduate job market in general is pretty poor nowadays as fewer companies are no longer taking on Juniors. At the same time, I have also interviewed 'experienced' programmers and they weren't much better in a lot of cases.
  3. Chad78

    Chad78 New commenter

    Makes me glad I became a teacher. Salaries are been driven down, that's for sure. Many Universities are still shouting about the diminishing number of CS students not being able to fill all the jobs. What is the truth?
  4. Doing a quick search on the IT Job Board for graduate: http://www.theitjobboard.com/

    I am actually surprised at how many jobs are listed there. Maybe it is a shortage of high quality graduates? Or ones that can actually program?
  5. Suspect the latter. When I did my degree there was stacks of programming in lots of different languages, from assembler up to fp. No OOP, but that's because I'm old. A lot of stuff that wasn't programming was related e.g. CPU internals, OS design, Semantics, Formal Proofs.
    Sounds like these days you can get a CS degree without actually being able to code. Not quite sure what they are doing for three years. Powerpoint ?
  6. Don't be silly, they do ECDL:
    "During the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) degree course we will help you to get the European Computer Driving Licence qualification (ECDL). ECDL is now the most widely accepted standard for proficiency in the use of the main stream computer desktop applications."
    I expect that includes powerpoint.
  7. It'd be Prezi now, wouldn't it?

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