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Interesting KS3 projects

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by COPINGSAW, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking at sprucing up the projects we currently offer at KS3 especially for years 8 and 9. I was wondering if anybody had any examples of projects that really interest and excite the kids and are maybe based on a current theme or issue.
    Any thoughts or examples are really welcome!
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all,
    I'm looking at sprucing up the projects we currently offer at KS3 especially for years 8 and 9. I was wondering if anybody had any examples of projects that really interest and excite the kids and are maybe based on a current theme or issue.
    Any thoughts or examples are really welcome!
    Thanks in advance
  3. I take it that the us of the sprucing up does not just mean wood based ideas. Anyway on a serious not i have a couple of ideas that are developing. The first is using rotary moulding techniques and either using chocolate as eggs or PU resins to make hollow shelled ideas. The second is using a microwavable kiln to either fuse glass or over cook it to make small blobs that work well as jewery. It also lends itself to some good young enterprise ideas.
  4. I have just noticed i mave miss spelt jewellery.
    Sorry for those who are going to correct me! Im still not sure if this is right.
  5. Hi Copingsaw
    We have just started two new projects in year 9 making use of our laser cutter. We bought a resource pack from D&T Resources for the design and manucture of a USB data pen and adapted it to suit us. It is a great resource, particularly for design work and CAD/CAM. The other is an Amp where we teach them about sustainability. The circuit is contained in a card board net cut out on the laser, plenty of electronics to teach too. Unfortunately, resourcing them is quite expensive but the kids love them and tend to want to buy them at the end of the project so we do recover most of the costs. Happy to pass on more details if it helps.
  6. Hi Amanda,
    Both of the projects you mentioned sound really good. If you could send me any resources, SOL etc, to get me started that would be fantastic!
    Where do you buy the uncased usb pens from? and how much per unit?
    Thanks in advance. Copingsaw
  7. I think if its the project that im thinking of they are from Mindset what was MUTR and are i think about £4.40 ex VAT each for a 1Gb uncased unit. DATA were selling a project booklet about this but i dont know the cost of this.
  8. If you want a sample of our amplifier kit you can request them free of charge at


    We have a mono amp and stereo amp available. All samples come with full teaching notes on a CD.

    Kevin @ Kitronik
  9. Ask the kids!
    Get a small group together or a class you trust to be sensible, show them option and ask them what they think!
  10. re

    re New commenter

    I am doing the kitronik amplifier with Y10. Have found that the sepeakers fit well into standard 68mm drainpipe, thus getting rid of one major headache in the project - that of mounting the speakers. Loads of scope for designing the casing. MUTR have some great examples on their website, but the Kitronik stereo amp gives about 1 watt per channel, which gives a respectble volume.

    This project feels more like GCSE than KS3. In Year 8 we use the laser cutter to design and make slot together animals - a great project that relies heavily on designing using thick card to model and develop designs. It also teaches accuracy using 2D design. We also make a Pic based doorbell for a teenagers bedroom as well as some traditional craft based projects.
  11. Hi,
    I have a rubber band powered boat made from pine with a booklet for year 7. For year 8 I have a pull along toy made from MDF, with a comprehensive booklet. I am happy to share, but in return I am looking for two 6 weeks projects for year 9. We don't have a laser cutter, and cost is an issue. Something a little more exciting than the hand steady game I have done for the past few years! zzzz
  12. I assume that you are looking for electronics/RM projects as you mentioned the dreaded steady hand game. I make a snakes and ladders game board withan electronic dice based on the circuit which can be purchased from Kitronik. Also have a flashing light project which allows lights to flash on a stand which is decorated with an image based on the season - I usually do it around Xmas time. Would be happy to send details if you leave your e-mail addy. I would be interested to look at your boat project.
  13. leave your email address and I will send it over.
  14. Jujames1
    coudl you please send me a copy of the pine boat project.
    I have Jitterbug project which the pupil love as we put them in an arena to fight it out. Last one to touch the edge wins.
    most of my other project are back to the old wood work, metal work getting rid of the fluffy design element. as we have found that behaviour improves if the projects are smaller, shorter and in the workshop. Using handskill. I also have a very small buget for the whole school £700 so too much electronics kill that budget.
  15. We've been researching new projects - it can be really tough to find something that fit's in budget.
    We're replacing the MP3 amplifier with a moodlighting project (Kitronik do a project board for this too) and using a variety of plastics including clear acrylic and polypropelene sheet which will be illuminated by a colour changing LED. There are loads of different outcomes pupils can achieve so it allows for plenty of creativity. The electronics can be made more complicated by using a light sensing (darlington pair) circuit.
    As great as the MP3 player was it seems a bit pointless now the kids have mobile phones which play their music far louder and of better quality. The other project we are introducing in Year 9 is an enterprise project a bit similar to the Design Ventura project the Design Museum run - instead designing a product to be sold at school in lunchtime. We did this as a whole year group project last year for Year 8 and the kids went mad for it.
    We're doing the steady hand game in Year 8 - it's working really well. If you give the pupils a choice of mould shapes and use coloured 2mm HIPs which they vacuum form they can then decorate with their own vinyl stickers it can work really well, but you have to work quickly to get it all done in time. The variety of pupil outcomes is good, again ticking the creativity box. Again Kitronik have some good supplies for this.
  16. where would i get a microwave kiln and the other bits i need? has anyone got pictures of projects pupils have made with one of these?
  17. You can get microwave kilns at Specialist craft supplies or if you are Liverpool way Pearsons glass do them along with other bits and pieces. I will try and dig out some pictures.

  18. Hi
    I have a project for a flashing light project with booket for year 8 and i would be interested in doing a swap? I also have a bird box project with booklet if you are interested?

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