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Interesting day today.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by roseangel, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I was booked to cover a Year 5 class today in a school I hadn't been to before.
    It turned out to be each lesson in a different class, mainly Years 5 and 6 but one Year 4 class too.
    The school was lovely though so I had a great day. NO behaviour issues at all!!
    I enjoyed the day and coped well with it but if an NQT had been sent who may not have the confidence I have to go to so many different classes, sometimes for just part of a lesson, it could have put them off a lot.
  2. I've had these a few times - usually covering SEN reviews or performance management or similar dotting about the school here and there - I quite like them to be honest, especially if you're just ducking in to cover say the middle bit of a lesson where all the tasks have been set and the kids are all on-task and the teacher's back for the end! Does get a bit amusing trying to find the next class so they end up with a kid from the previous class taking you to Mrs Next-Class's and so on like you're the baton in a relay race!
  3. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I've had that.... whistle stop tour of the entire school in a morning, 20mins approx in each class. Thankfully I had been there before so knew my way around. Quite a nice way to view a school though.
  4. Also very rarely any marking and 20 minutes isn't long enough for the kids to figure you out and start pushing their luck generally! (You're still at the "ok... so who are you" level when it's time to be on to the next class!
  5. Oh yes, there was no marking! It was only 5 minutes away from home too so I was home by 3.45.A great day all round really.
  6. Yeah I was booked just 'To cover PE' once and had reception at one point then Y5 at another. Must admit as an NQT it was slightly daunting but I quite enjoyed it.

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