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Interesting Biology for Non-Doers

Discussion in 'Science' started by electro-web, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter

    I'm a trainee on second placement. I have a year 10 group of very difficult kids who have basically opted-out of science. There's only 7 of them, but they're working on an entry level sub-BTEC course and getting them to do anything is a struggle.

    I'm finding that interesting demos etc can lead to a good discussion and then they'll take part.

    Next week I have to do something plants - what they do for us etc. I'm thinking of buying a venus fly trap and showing some carnivorous plants etc. After that I have to do something on carnivores and herbivores, how they're adapted and what predators are like. This will lead into food webs and then into sampling the organisms in a habitat (which we almost certainly can't do for real)

    It's all pretty dry for this kind of class. Has anyone got some ideas of stuff that might (just might!) spark a vague interest and get the point across?
  2. spolem1

    spolem1 New commenter

    You can do sampling in the lab, with coloured counters or similar. If you know how many you have, then spread them across the floor. Provide simple quadrats (4 straws taped together, or similar) - then you can "sample" the counters and estimate how many you have.
    You can work out a leaf litter food chain - can bring the leaves into the lab and sort through them, looking for bugs.
    Have a look on upd8 - you might find something there?
    Also try Arkive http://www.arkive.org/ when you're discussing adaptations, as there are lots of interesting video clips available.
  3. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter

    Cool, some good ideas there. I'll have a look on the sites. Hadn't come across upd8 before - I'm sure that'll be very useful!
  4. for your adaptations lesson could you get an animals in for them to look at under close supervision? We got a man in who brought an owl for the students to look at - they loved it!
  5. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter

    Not a chance of getting any money back! Compared to the printer ink I'm getting through, a small plant is nothing...

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