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Interested in setting up a film club?

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by gailrobinson, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Any teachers interested in starting a free film club in their school are invited to come along to BAFTA on November 9th, and take part in a free introductory session while the Closing The Gap debate takes place next door.
    Once the session is over, the teachers can join the delegates for the preview screening of Monsters and a Q&A with its director Gareth Edwards - for free.
    Anyone wishing to come along should just enter their details at http://www.filmclub.org/register and pick the BAFTA start-up session when prompted.
  2. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    Would this be the same "Film Club" that encouraged us all to register about a year ago and when we did, we were told that it would be "coming soon", followed by a deafening silence?
    Tuesday evening in London during term-time? - good planning, possibly half-term or end of term might have been better if you wanted schools other than London schools to be involved??
    Just a thought... [​IMG]
  3. I think it may also be the same Film Club that has received £11.3 million of taxpayer's money to set up a deal with Love Film. I wonder how much that works out at per child per film?
  4. backtoback

    backtoback New commenter

    Has anyone had any experience with Filmclub as it looks interesting?
  5. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    Well backtoback read the comments above - what do you think?
  6. It is really easy to set up a Film Club. myself and a colleague have combined showing films - which are sent free of charge and so far very speedily - and using these to inspire pupils to make their own short films.
    My experience is positive so far.

  7. The Mighty Goosh - I'd like to set up something similar. How have you done this? What organisation do I need to get in touch with?

  8. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    I don't understand the problem - I've just started a Film Club - primarily to show my Year 11s some more Action Adventure films than we can watch in class.
    You buy some cheap films from ebay or use your own or borrowed DVDs.
    You book a room.
    You email the students you want or put up some posters around the school.
    You show the films - what's the complication?
    Why do you need an organisation involved? [​IMG]
  9. The complication is that I am under the impression it's illegal to do that - most dvds have some waffle on about it being illegal to show them in schools or for mass entertainment or something. I inferred from the above messages that there was an educational organisation that we could do it through to make it kosher.
    I was just asking, is all.
  10. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    Perhaps you should read the"waffle" because it says that it's NOT illegal to show films in prisons, oil-rigs and schools - pretty similar, I think you'll agree!
    You're fine as long as you don't charge any money at the door!
    Get on with it and do it!
  11. Just go to this webpage, register and fill in a few bits of paperwork and then you can start ordering films - good range, for free.
    Hope this helps

  12. What about all the freebies... and the financial grant they offer and the opportunity to have industry professionals visit and talk to the kids.... and the opportunity for the kids to be involved in red carpet premiere interviews with film professionals etc... can't get all that off ebay... [​IMG]

    Just a note:
    As well as registering you need to attend an induction before you can start ordering films...
  13. Why thank you very much - I've registered and am now just waiting to hear from them. Excellent!
  14. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    I'm sorry, I really don't want to be negative about this and I am all for anything that increases Film awareness and literacy in schools, but my original point still stands - Can we please hear from anyone who has ACTUALLY benefitted from FilmClub?
    I registered over a year agao and I haven't heard a dickey bird!
  15. MrPuss

    MrPuss New commenter

    No-one?? Thought so![​IMG]
  16. indychick

    indychick New commenter

    I started film club this year through the scheme and the group are loving it.

    We get our DVDs sent freely through LoveFilm, the pupils enjoy submitting the reviews and seeing their work online, the grant (which I am just about to receive) will be rather useful to provide a more cinematic feel for the group.

    I run it two lunchtimes a week and get between 30 and 40 year 7-9s attending.

    The club also provides membership cards, lanyards and posters free of charge along with the opportunity to attend some screenings and get meetings with people in the business.

    I know I could do similar by buying the DVDs myself, providing prizes for reviews etc, not buying beanbags/popcorn and setting up my own site - but it is all there for me, it is an easy to use and engaging site. It encourages pupils to discuss film and develop some writing skills.

    The induction you have to attend before starting was an interesting afternoon, in a location easy for me to get to and provided some good ideas and information regarding running a film club.

    I honestly love it and the students also love going.

    PS - it works out that the funding is 50p per pupil involved.
  17. Maybe Mr Puss you need to re-check your details with Film Club as I have only been with them for just over a month and have had heaps of emails about what is happening, and what I can do for the students etc... I have had two deliveries of dvds.... and a delivery of additional lanyards that I requested...
    After only one school screening session so far I have had heaps of kids come up and ask when the next one is and have a couple of Yr 11 boys who have been a bit slack with handing in media coursework get right on board and have started their applications for Film Club Ambassadors... (and handed in their coursework) .
    Film Club has been great so far and long may it continue....
  18. Hi my name is Katy and I am an HLTA at a primary school in Essex. I have been running a very successful Filmclub for nearly two years. I registered our interest with the website and attended an induction a few weeks later. Filmclub is a very powerful tool as it allows children from any background, age and ability to access films they may not usually see and to encourage improved writing.
    You need a PVS licence to hold screenings at your school. It is a yearly licence which Filmclub pay for.
    We also run a business club alongside Filmclub, where our year sixes, buy stock and sell them to our filmgoers with the aim of making a profit over the year. They are entirely responsible for stock replenishment and the pricing of the items. Last year the children made £75 profit, which they split between the five of them.
    We have recently achieved the Every Child Matters award and this helped towards the economic well being part.
    Another incentive to Filmclub, is the opportunity to take part in different events and win competitions. Filmclub choose a "review of the week" and it is posted on the websites homepage for eveyone to see, which is a great self esteem booster. The prizes involved are great. We have won it twice now and the child got to go to London to watch the red carpet premiere of Nanny McPhee and interview the stars on camera. Their video was later released on the website. The same child also went to London for a Film day, where she watched a movie, spent time in a luxury chill out area and listened to a speaker, she also recieved two DVD's hand picked for her, a T-shirt, mug, pen, lanyard and special thank you letter.
    From time to time Filmclub run competitions and incentives and through participation in this, we have won Star Status, which is given to clubs which are active, inspiring and committed, we recieved ten free cinema tickets, goodie bags a popcorn maker. I recieved a free cinema pass once a month for a year, and an invitation to a red carpet event with a speaker.
    I cant really think of anything negative to say about Filmclub, however you really do need to be dedicated towards it. I give up approx three hours of my time a week to run the club and maintain the website.
    Filmclub is a great way to access unusual films. One of our first showings was Cave Of The Yellow Dog, which is a foreign subtitled film and the response was incredible. You will be surprised to find how many children have never seen either a black or white or subtitled film.
    Anyway, hope this helps, as you can tell I am very pro Filmclub! [​IMG]

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