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Integrating Trends into the Design Curriculum

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by BenjaminSully, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. BenjaminSully

    BenjaminSully New commenter

    Hi All,

    I'm a final year Product Design student at Loughborough University and as part fulfilment of my degree I am required to do a dissertation.

    My dissertation involves the integration of trends into the design curriculum, using the current trend of the internet of things as an example.

    Currently universities adapt quickly to trends, creating new degrees and new fields of research. This creates an issue though, as with emergence of new technology comes the limited amount of prior knowledge. This is why I believe a subject area within design which enables growth throughout the academic career is required. So to effectively create a design curriculum that adapts with trends I need to understand the current constraints and possibilities the curriculum has at an early stage. To do this who I require the thoughts of GCSE and A level design teachers, so if you fit that criteria please can you fill in my questionnaire. It should take 8 minutes and every submission is a big help.

    Questionnaire: Link

    Thank you,
  2. amazingpurplecow

    amazingpurplecow New commenter

    Happy to complete your form but it's gone!

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