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Integrated Learning, the IB & iSTEaM+

Discussion in 'International Baccalaureate' started by novorapid, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. novorapid

    novorapid New commenter

    The IB promotes integrated learning, I teach at a very successful UK IB school and coordinate an integrated STEaM plus (iSTEaM+) Ks3 myp inspired project learning based course that is embedded within the taught normal daily timetable and curriculum.
    This is unusual in the UK where STEM projects are regarded as after school club activities and one off activities that are put on for CREST and other similar competitions. The predominant approach in the UK at ks3, 4 is to get students into triple science and to be able to develop maths skills.
    Even the IB hasn't really come to grips with a six subject integration and given the proven success of iSTEAM and we are looking for interested teachers to join the iSTEAM plus project to help move the IB agenda forward and inform schools about the potential power of iSTEAM+ learning. The aims are to make learning a more creative activity and fun, to inspire more youngsters, improve learning, motivation, creativity and encourage them to to study steam subjects and eventually embark upon careers within the steam sector.
    Junior ks2 schools are very successful with the iSTEAMplus approach and children achieve beyond expectations, they become better and more resilient confident learners. Teachers in junior schools have broader subject skill sets and are more experienced in delivering project based learning: the problems begin at ks3 where most children decide STEaM subjects are "Not for people like me " See the report by Averil Macdonald 2014 for WISE. and that by Prof Bill Lucas "Thinking like an Engineer " 2014 Winchester university STEM.Centre.
    "iSTEaM and STEM+ are recognised by the IET, the UK National STEM Centre, many Companies and the Microsoft Foundation so please come join and share your experiences. You'll be very welcome.

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