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Insurance query

Discussion in 'Personal' started by amberwaves, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. My flat was burgled a few weeks ago. My landlord sorted out the stuff covered in the buildings policy and I claimed the stolen things from my contents insurance. The insurance company have settled the claim and I have got replacements for the things that were lost. One of the electrical items I claimed for has turned up at my sister's, I must have left it there last time I visited. I thought it must have been taken. I didn't know what to do -if i told the insurance company, would they want the old or new one back or make me pay for the cost of the replacement or would they suspect me of fiddling? Anyway I'm short of cash and don't need two identical items so I took it into a second-hand shop and sold it.
    I've just spotted an article in the local paper that says the police are targetting second-hand shops for dealing in stolen goods and my stomach turned over. There's no security marking on it but I gave the police and the insurance company a photo of me holding it. I'm terrified that I'm going to be done for theft and insurance fraud and dealing in stolen goods. Don't know what I want you guys to do about this except tell me I'm being insane and of course everything will be alright. [​IMG]
    I am just editting this to say that it is a fiction i am writing to test the typical response of Tessers on Personal! Just in case.
  2. You are being insane and everything will be alright.
  3. Do you mean that? I had to give my name and address to the shop. I wouldn't be surprised if they had CCTV.
  4. It just seems unlikely that they will come across it.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    If you found that the item hadn't been stolen then why didn't you return to the insurance company the sum of money you got for your erroneous claim?
  6. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

    You should have sold the new one on e-bay, shouldn't you ...
  7. Sorry, wrote something, edited it and lost it!
    Given the vast amounts of stolen goods, and the known burglars and dealers they tend to target, I'd say the chances were small. I don't know what would happen under the circs - yours must be quite a common situation. One more thing for you to stress over! Are you coming to the Leeds meet? Are you still in the same place?
  8. A colleague had her iPhone stolen by a student - couldn't prove it. couldn't find it and the insurance company bought her e new one.
    About 7 months later the student moved out of her digs and the phone was found in the kitchen! Colleague phones insurance bods who say thank for the info, please feel free to dispose of the phone as you see fit!
    They aren't ogres. You have 2 choices, forget it, let your sister have it! Or phone them and explain your error. They won't have you cast into prison!
  9. Because they didn't give me money, they gave me a voucher to go to a particluar place and pick a replacement from a list. Because I always do the stupid thing.
  10. At the risk of upsetting amberwaves, my neighbour's sister had a fit of conscience over a camera her husband falsely claimed for in a burglary and told them, claiming it was an "oversight". They cancelled the entire claim and they were marked for every kind of insurance thereafter, adding a lot to their premium. Insurance companies lose a fortune in fraudulent claims. They like to make an example.
    I still think the chances of this ever coming to light are small but if it does, amberwaves, my advice would be to tell the truth.
  11. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Go and buy it back. If it has already been sold, you are in the clear.

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