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Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by johnblack, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. johnblack

    johnblack New commenter

    I have some vocational instructors in my department, after lesson observations its clear that some need more support in T&L strategies which I'll supply.
    Comment has been made as a question (rather than defensiveness) about wether or not they should be judged by the ofsted framework as they are only paid as instructors not qualified or unqualified teachers.
    My response is that ofsted would look at quality of T&L regardless of Job descriptions, although they have commented positively in the past about our vocational subjects. So we need to ensure that T&L is Good to Oustanding.
    I am correct?
  2. kevgeall

    kevgeall New commenter

    I think you're entirely correct. Somehow I can't see Ofsted saying:
    "the progress made by students in that lesson was barely satisfactory. However, as you're not a qualified teacher that's fine."

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