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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by dellyevans, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. dellyevans

    dellyevans New commenter

    I've been employed as a instructor demonstrator at a local college. I really like the college and the staff, but I'm unhappy with the responsibilities that the role holds.

    As part of my role I have been given a timetable of 7 classes over 18.5hours. The classes range from 17+ students. The classes are great, and enjoy the lessons. I have been told that I need to teach all the classes the curriculum. I am fully responsibility without support and left on my own with the class for the entire lesson. this is not how they explained the role at interview. I'm a little confused and would like to know if anybody else does the role and what they do?

    I have a teaching/lecturing background, so I am more than competent to do the role but I feel they are taking liberties and getting me to work as a cheap lecturer.
  2. sheltoncr2

    sheltoncr2 New commenter

    How does your annual pay compare with that of a main grade lecturer with the same number of required annual student contact hours at your college?
  3. dellyevans

    dellyevans New commenter

    Sorry for the slow reply, the annual pay is just above minimum wage! I am committed to the same hours but on a part time contract, so I take the same holidays and require to work the same hours except on a reduction which matched my part time contract.

    I have compared my role to a lecturer on the main scale, the only difference I see is they attend parents evenings, complete student reports (but I need to also input into this) and produce project briefs (I also need to input into this). I match everything else, such as contact/teaching hours with students, responsibility of delivering/teaching the curriculum, marking work, PPA (plan and prepare lessons),
  4. cazzmusic1

    cazzmusic1 New commenter

    It sounds as if your college is following many others in introducing the instructor/demonstrator role to save costs - it is definitely the use of lecturers as cheap labour and is an issue that unions that represent teaching staff in FE are expressing concern about. It sounds to me as if your employer is seriously underpaying you for all the teaching duties that you have. Please feel free to PM me if you want a more private conversation about this.

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