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Institute for Learning - A Tribute

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Mistermandolin, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. I find viewing and reviewing television programmes, reading and reviewing books, and having the odd conversation with a friendly work colleague, all as the IfL suggests, just knocks away the hours.
  2. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    I put down stuff like that too but it just feels like a waste of time writing it all down because I would have done it anyway. Oh well, it is done now and I didn't sweat too much about it!
  3. You really write it down? Who looks at your stuff? No-one looks at mine.

  4. Actually, it's quite a serious question. Who looks at the CPD stuff everyone does? I would be interested in people's answers.
  5. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Out of curiosity and during a moment when I have time to draw breath I had a look at the IfL website. It is still there. I managed to log into the "Reflect" bit, but found it to be incomprehensible and it kept asking me to choose an "activity", but I could see no list of "activities" to choose from. I gave up.
    So have the bugras gone or not?
  6. No, it looks like they are still very much with us.
    As for Reflect - I started mine but really lost the will to live so my CPD will stay where it is, in my diary, and I'm just going to do the tick-box declaration.
    Did anyone hear of anyone having their CPD looked at as part of the moderation that IfL said they would operate last year? ( I haven't).
  7. <font size="3" face="HelveticaNeueLTStd-Lt">According to the IfL review of CPD 2008-9 on their website, 593 portfolios were reviewed out of a membership total (then) of 180,311.

  8. Has anyone noticed that the IfL has got rid of the 'Discussion' tab on its Facebook site? I wonder why? Might it have something to do with one member starting a discussion on abolishing the IfL? Surely not. The IfL prides itself on listening to its 'member voice.' So it must be for another reason. But Lee Davies hasn't told us why on the Facebook wall.
  9. Enjoy the irony, cardoon, or marvel at the hypocrisy - the IfL's 'promise' to give it's members 'Benefits, Status, Voice' clearly doesn't include a voice with which to criticize the IfL. Or maybe we should be encouraged - irony or hypocrisy notwithstanding - and conclude that it's another desperate measure on a par with Chief Exec Toni Fazaeli's recent crie de couer that 'the IfL is not a quango' at the same time as she knew full well that the current coalition was preparing to hang the IfL out to dry with a &pound;5 million a year shortfall once this year's government handout runs out...'cos there sure ain't gonna be any more after that...

  10. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Ditching the GTC was a simple political cheap shot by Gove, although they certainly set themselves up by ignoring the National Front teacher. FE does not afford the same air (hurricane!) of publicity that secondary and primary unfortunately have, so I think the IFL will probably not be dumped. Nobody outside we here, seem to know about it! LOL!
    On the matter of CPD recording. Some people here try to post grown up topics and comments and actually try to help and encourage each other. It seems reasonable to me to claim that as CPD. If you wanted to record it. what better way than simply copy the string to Word and edit out the idiot comments, and then save it on your PC to be printed out when asked for. (if ever!)
    On the topic of reflect, I claimed 5 hr CPD last year unsuccessfully trying to understand it and then came up with my own ideas. I could not figure out how to save files containing my CPD into it, so in the end I had to give up and get on with some proper work. I think I spent quite a bit more than 5 hrs on it. I hope you lot are all claiming it on CPD.
    CPD is so important and integral to our job that I don't think we often realise we are doing it. It would be silly to restrict our CPD to simply going on courses, but rather to think of it as any new thing we have learnt or given.
    Umm-m, There is a lot of giving here!!!!!!
  11. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    I must quickly acknowledge shirtandtie for suggesting I claim something here for CPD and giving me the idea. I don't know if he was taking the mick or being serious, but it was a very good suggestion, whatever.
  12. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Welcome to the forum tonystarch. Mistermandilin does not have any evidence at all about the IFL continuing or not. He is just stirring it up, probably because, like many of us, he feels rather unappreciated, dis-infranchised and dis-empowered in the world of FE. You will learn to recognise the type and hopefully keep clear of them. It is much easier to have a go and slag something off, than to be constructive about it.
    You sound like you have a fresh and non-cynical outlook of the job. Look after it carefully ( and I am not being ironic or jesting here - I mean it.) It is one of your most important attributes and is I think, why teaching is for the young and energetic.
    All the best with your career.
    Me -- ? Oh, I'm retiring in two weeks time!!!! Whoo-hooh!!! (shouted in a lauching skis off the top of the piste, kind of way!)
    ps. Change your user name so nobody knows who you are. Then you have the choice of whether you talk rubbish or try to be constructive (and put it in your CPD.)
  13. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Where, oh where, is the mysogynistically named one, when you need him? Whichfinderspecific told us on many many occasions that the IFL is not a quango, and exactly why it wasn't.
    And to think, I took no notice of him!
  14. TCSC47 - you claimed 5 hours CPD last year for unsuccessfully trying to understand Reflect?! That kills me. The irony...

  15. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Yer! It amused me too, but I still claimed it! And so should we all!
  16. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    Why should anyone claim it - If the IfL is pointless one shouldn't use reflect at all and not declare anything to them. Has anyone been taken to a disciplinary by 'our supportive voice' for not declaring yet?
  17. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Point taken.
    However, we must not confuse the IFL and reflect with the issues of CPD. I think that whatever happens to the IFL, we still need to undertake CPD and (unfortunately) participate in some sort of quality control exercise to show our bean counters we are doing it.
    I suppose my main thing about all CPD is that we have to do it all the time simply to be able to teach our classes, and we don't always realise we are doing it. If the bean counters want a document saying what I have done for my CPD and I had to spend time (MY TIME!) learning about their stupid version of a quality control system, then I will certainly tell them about it.
    We never needed IFL to tell us we had to do CPD. It was just one of the things they latched onto. I'm retiring week after the next (yes I know! Fantastic, isn't it!!!!!). and I'm sitting in my "office" at home and I'm looking up at the book shelves above me and I'm seeing all my files and notes from my teaching and that is the record of my CPD. (I have more in the garage -- what do I do with it all!?)
    When I finally realised last year that we didn't need to use reflect at all, I simply made sure I had a ring folder with a list of courses I had been on, and a few bits of writing I had done to look as though I was reflecting on what I had learnt (geddit -- reflecting = reflect! clever eh!?) My college had kept a list of inset, courses and activities I had been on, and I got a copy of that. I even used couses I had been on for my occupations outside college, eg. community meetings attended and chaired etc.
    The best bit of it all last year was when I went around my collegues who were stressing over how to work reflect, and told them that they could totally ignore it, it was like I was the Christmas Fairy! Umm-m, maybe I ought to rephrase that.
  18. cariadwch...over 60,000 failed to declare their CPD to the IfL last year, according to the IfL's own website. As far as I am aware, no action was taken against anyone. No action was taken against me - I didn't declare, despite the threatening and intimidatory letters I got from a body supposedly representing my professional interests - and I left shortly afterwards. Again: nothing happened. I strongly suspect that there will be a similar show of non-compliance over declaration of CPD this year - I hope so. It's difficult to take action against tens of thousands of dissenters, anyway...where do you start?
    TCSC47 - you sound like you've managed to keep a healthy perspective and excellent sense of humour despite the nonsense we regularly have to endure in this sector. You deserve a long and happy retirement and I hope that you enjoy it all. We could all continue to benefit from your insight and humour and I hope that you continue to post on here. Enjoy the piste!!
  19. I would be extremely happy to see the IFL go, I hope they cease to exist forever and ever, but as I read in the press funding for the IFL will not be reduced till 2013!!!! Do we have to wait that long??????
    Mihal Vlasiu Norfolk Adult Ed
  20. Don't know where you read the funding story, Mihal. Can you tell us? According to the BBC Education and Family News on August 18th the IfL is "In line for funding reductions or closure." I don't know whether this is informed, advance, notice or just lazy journalism. It would be great news if true, but we all know - God, don't we just - that as the IfL is a private company it can't simply be abolished. It can be starved of cash, though, and that might be what the BBC story was alluding to.
    The IfL have recently changed position on the date from which they'll be self-funding and this might have confused matters a bit. On June 4th Chief Exec Toni Fazaeli claimed via the IfL's website that it would be self-funding by 2011. However, in a press release and letter to The Independent - responding to a news story on 27th July that he took exception to - Deputy Chief Exec Lee Davies seemed to have moved the goalposts in his claim that it would be self-funding by 2013. Either the coffers are emptying faster than anticipated or there are crossed wires here. Given the way things have been going during this government's first hundred days it's hard to believe that it would keep propping up an organization like the IfL where it's reduced or scrapped funding to so many other far more deserving causes.
    Maybe the IfL would like to post and clarify the self-funding issue on this site. After all, it gives us the opportunity to exchange views and information in an open and uncensored way. Anybody know if the 'Discussion' tab is up and running again on their own website?

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