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Inspiring reading in y5...ideas from pinterest

Discussion in 'Primary' started by katyv, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Right, I really want to do this:
    http://pinterest.com/pin/469922542337924032/ (Drat you Minnieminx and pinterest!!!! ;)) as I have a new class who are not very keen on reading. It's 'I read 100 books' represented by a paper chain with one link for each book. I want the challenge element and also the visual element of seeing the chains grow, but the teacher that this idea came from had them create the chains at home then bring them in when they had reached 100. I want to keep them in the classroom but not sure that I can manage 29 growing chains without looking messy. Any ideas for alternatives - I had thought about a reading tree with adding leaves but I think I want to at least start off with some individual things - or ways to display 29 growing chains?
    Thanks for any ideas!
  2. There's one on pinterest where they make a spiders web of paper clips and add to it everytime someone reads a book. There's a laminated sign underneath saying we have read ????books I might do that.
  3. I don't think that matters - in fact the quicker you can achieve the target while enthusiasm is still high will probably mean that reading will stay a high priority - plus those on reading schemes/shorter books will probably contribute more than the better readers who might be on longer novels which will make it more fun for them. I've decided to go with the whole class thing - have got shower curtains (plain colours) round my reading area and I could hang their chains from each of the plastic hooks at least for the first term or so.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I was thinking about saying no to reading scheme books. If we do a whole class one, then each child will need to read just 3-4 books, so we should be at 100 easily within a month. If I count their scheme books we'll be there in a fortnight!

    I'm thinking of making caterpillar segment shapes and getting them to write the title and their name on a segment and then adding it on. Then having the face ready and waiting with a speech bubble saying something like "We have read ONE HUNDRED books". Then after that one asking the children how we could display the next set and so on. I

    I have year 1 though who will be pretty motivated.
  5. Hi mrsmeg. I am school librarian and before we broke up I set the kids and teachers the challenge of being caught reading over the summer and take a photo. I gave them all my school email address on a bookmark. So far really disappointed as have only had one photo. Gutted as I have a top display all made and ready to be put up on pd day. Was hoping to have a tonne of photos up ready for kids coming in. Here's hoping I will be flooded with them over the next few weeks.
    I love the idea of the paper chains. Maybe something the library could do.
  6. Fair enough in yr1 - I am hoping that in yr 5 the reading books take a bit longer to get through! Mind you I remember when I was about 10 going to the library 3 times a week and reading 6 novels each time so we could still be done in a couple of weeks! Maybe I'll discuss it with the class and let them decide what is eligible.

    Like the caterpillar idea!
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Maybe for year 5 you could count any book, magazine, comic, etc they read? By then a great many children (boys more than girls) aren't keen on reading books as such, but happily read endless magazines.

    Maybe a book counts as a whole and comics as half?

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