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Inspirational speaker for History students

Discussion in 'History' started by dimitrakont, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. dimitrakont

    dimitrakont New commenter

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find ways to inspire Y8s into studying GCSE History. Most, if not all, link History to teaching so they are quite intimidated to pick it as a subject. I don't want to do a workshop as the number of students is over 130 so I'm thinking of bringing someone who has a successful career in an industry other than education e.g. journalism etc. Any ideas? Have you done anything like this? Most 'inspirational speakers' websites have nothing like this.
  2. keet1922

    keet1922 New commenter

    If you're looking for an inspirational speaker then Chris Lubbe is great. He used to be Nelson Mandela's bodyguard but grew up under apartheid and now speaks in schools around the country. If you study south africa at all at GCSE level then he'd be a great choice (or even just to broaden minds generally). He's based in Southampton. http://www.chrislubbe.co.uk/

    You may just want someone who has a History degree - perhaps you could consider a former student from the school for this?

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