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Inspiration for teaching “1 less” Reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cbdcbdcbd, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. cbdcbdcbd

    cbdcbdcbd New commenter

    My Reception class are struggling with “one less”. I have lots of things going on in the continuous provision and quick games etc but I’m looking for some activity ideas for me to lead that are open-ended, language rich and practical (perhaps with a real life context). Any inspiration? I want to challenge my able children whilst still providing a rich activity to all learners. This week we have a sale in our class role play shop, 1p off everything, but a bit short on ideas after that!
    Thank you
  2. sarahlat89

    sarahlat89 New commenter

    Hi, last week we worked on the language of less by having "sweets". I would hand them out and the children would simply tell me who had more, who had less and why. Today I set up a "bus" using chairs, and had the children get on the bus (one more) and then when a passenger got off the bus, we worked this out as one less. The children carried this on in continuous provision and loved it!
  3. mental_monkey

    mental_monkey New commenter

    We've just recently used little goldfish crackers. The children grab a handful and put them on their plate; count them; take away one by eating one; see how many they've got now. They loved the eating part of it and they soon linked the backwards counting to taking away. Some of them wrote the totals on theri plates and saw the numbers 'going backwards'. Fun, mathematical and delicious.
    I've also done this with blowing out candles. Real lit candles, mind you. Got to have a slight danger element to make it fun! :D
  4. EJBowling

    EJBowling New commenter

    My class were having the same problem. We use mastery maths and as part of that we look at the number either side of the focus number.
    For one less we have used a number track (in a ladder set up) and had the children stand on a number and jump down down the ladder, this helps them understand the numeral part.
    Another method I have used in collaboration with the ladder this week is "The Naughty Piglet". I have a pig puppet who hides the vegetables one by one. For example: " Farmer Jim has 5 carrots he has left Dorcus (the pig) in charge of them lets count them (using 1:1 correspondents and counting chorus), can you show me five on your fingers?- Pig then takes a vegetable Oh no we had 5 vegetables and Dorcus has hidden one. Show me five then put one down. How many have we got? 4? lets check on the number ladder- child then stands on the ladder and jumps down one. Did ___ land on 4? Now we know one less that 5 is 4. We use a stem sentence " one less than __ is__" which is repeated, focusing especially on the lower attainers. I like to use real vegetables and soil too to get extra messy and sensory.
    I then place the whole thing into the maths area with a small world pig and a box for them to hide the vegetable in.
    They have really enjoyed it !

    Hope that helps :)

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