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Inspectors and assessment

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by thisisbanane, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. What do you think an inspector would expect to see in an assessment folder?
  2. What do you think an inspector would expect to see in an assessment folder?
  3. OK here goes. I'll stop if it starts to get boring...
    In EYFS an inspector might look at assessment records if s/he wants to compare on entry with on exit data. They might also look at how daily assessments across areas of learning made by staff are collated and put into the foundation stage profile.
    In KS1/2 an inspector might moderate a sample of pupils' work to check the accuracy of the school's assessments against APP criteria - this is common in infant schools where there is sometimes the accusation that assessments are generous in Y2. When evaluating care, guidance and support, assessment records are useful for inspectors to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions by looking at levels on entry to interventions and on exit from them.
    Assessment records are commonly used to measure progress between years in core subjects in other words how much progress Y5 have made in the year and how much progress they made while they were in Y4. It's always best to do it in APS since this is how Raise online measures attainment. This post could be long... Analyse the progress in APS of different groups of pupils (EAL, FSM etc.)
    Avoid presenting big folders to inspectors. They don't have the time to analyse them all. Present summaries. In a typical primary school, you should be able to summarise the progress of the whole school on half a side of A4.
    In a secondary school, inspectors will typically need to know % of pupils on line to meet or exceed FFTD in key subjects and projections for Y11 in terms of 5ACEM, 5AC and CAPS

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