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Inspections and observations

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by oldsomeman, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Im in long term supply
    However, the wish to observe me teaching using ofsted crtirea.
    What are your opinions about this? I work long enough after hours doing planning and resourcing( they give me ppa time)so not sure i want this part to happen.
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Why not? It's part & parcel of teaching. It will help you to self-evaluate your teaching skills- sometimes it will give you a better picture than you expect, teachers do tend to 'do themselves down' & not realise their good points focussing onwhere they fail. Should you be in a school which has Ofsted you'd be treated the same way as everyone else- no allowances are made for being on supply.
    Some schools I know do regular 'buddy observations' which can be really useful, so treat it as a learning experience.
  3. In secondary I am always Ok when OFSTED themselves are in one of my lessons. I do not do a Show lesson, however I make it clear what they are have learned from the student view, I do not overload with ECM and SEAL however I throw in some links to numeracy or literacy,
    As far as I am concerned schools have the right to observe any lesson they like. However saying we are going to observe you to 'OFSTED' criteria makes me uneasy. They can then pull a good lesson apart saying NO ECM or SEAL targets or something.
    Also yes. it is good to be observed and it is good to go and observe some good teaching about a school. So if you are getting a fair whack of PPA then it would be appropriate to use one to go and observe another teacher doing perhaps the more all singing and dancing ECM or SEAL or whatever batty ideas schools and authorities want to overload the curriculum with.
    However as a supply teacher I do as I am told even though sometimes it is unfair as I am not getting the goodies of a Perm Contract teacher. Also our contracts are such that we can be dropped at a days notice so not giving any chance to improve should a school have moans.
    As far as I am concerned supply teachers should be observed as providing good teaching and learning and that is our criteria.
  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Good point geffone, I'd just sort of assumed they'd just siad that because it gave them some benchmark criteria to assess against.
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    i get 2 hours of ppa time ..which is often interupted by this or that message.....and various 'advisors.
    Im still tinking it was easier on daily supply, although imnpleased the head asked for me to come.......but life was easier then lol

  6. Although I am secondary I was nosy and looked up criteria for OFSTED https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/243403/3773425.aspx
    As for OFSTED themselves I always enjoy them being in my lesson and two years ago they gave me Outstanding in two secondary subjects. Showing off a bit but someone has to blow the supply teacher trumpet.
    Key features of my OFSTED lesson - I do not care a jot - It is what goes into the students heads not what is written on some overloaded lesson plan. OFSted in my lesson have never asked for a written a plan although I had one which was deliberately simple.
    However if the Smt team want to say OFSTED criteria I would ask them are they providing the criteria or shall I?
    So then if they look quizzed I would say I will supply the criteria of a good OFSTED lesson. Thing is SMT get mixed up with OFSTED. The actual OFSTED report is a whole school thing and they are sensitive to the whole school judgement then they overload the teachers with whole school stuff. Wheras OFSTED only want to see a good lesson.
    Thing is I am just wary of the SMT saying OFSTED criteria without thinking of what exactly they mean.
    However I could be wrong and they the SMT supply clear guidelines of what they want.
    I would also cover my back a bit with a few short term plans saying I will do an ECM target the next lesson or a SEAL target the one after that. As I mistrust SMT who like floating and moving goalposts.
  7. I am going into one as I find it interesting.
    From my experience
    Actual OFSTED obs - Inspector waltzes in makes notes and talks to children (to find out if they learned anyfink)
    SMT version - Smt scrutinizes three page all singing and dancing SHOW lesson plan with so many objectives that there is no real hope of achieving them. Teacher gets a rifting and gets de-moralized, Teacher thinks I wish there was more day to day work to get away from this nonsense!
    I am perhaps being a little unfair as I do not know the SMT. However my bad and cynical mind makes me feel that this lot want a SHOW lesson. I read somewhere that OFSTED inspectors can sniff a SHOW lesson from a mile away. They hate SHOW lessons.
    Also teachers can be constrained by batty assesment criteria which neither the children or the teacher understands. OFSTED put a lot of stock in assessment and feedback and rightly so. However batty and rigid assessment systems which the teacher has no control over can make things difficult for the teacher.
    I will try to leave this now as I am going into one!
  8. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Well we learnt about a good ofsted criterea in the staff meeting last Monday! Basically what they look for in a lesson..... then told we being observed this week! Hardly time to up the stds!
    Then aduring the week we told.....via email,we had to write the lesson plans for the day in a certain way!
    On Friday morning also told all foundation plans had to be in that friday and in detail!
    mmm..me thinks they moving to fast!,,no doubt due borough pressure!
  9. Sounds like the management have a dose of OFSTEd virus syndrome. Symptoms are panic attacks in teachers and excessive paperwork. This is fololwed with the critical stage of a feeling of Lethargy in the teachers, followed by sporadic sickness to get out of the drudge. (not a supply option)
    Was reading a book on leadership a business studies point of view about Ernest Shackleton and his epic trip of motivation when the ship sank.
    Leadership rule
    Do not ask the troops to do tasks which you cannot get the troops to believe in first.


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