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Inspection - what to expect?

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by countrybumpkin, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. countrybumpkin

    countrybumpkin New commenter

    Don't worry. They really aren't as bad as you think. The build up is far worse than the actual two days. I even ended up enjoying my last one!
    This time we knew in advance what lessons we would be observed on but we were also aware they could drop in as their plans may change according to what they have seen etc. In my first one they never let you know in advance so I guess different inspection teams do it in different ways. They may not tell you which lessons so be prepared for a drop in at any moment.
    Have your planning on a chair for them. How detailed it needs to be often depends on your headteacher so it's worth checking with them. We were told to plan in a little more detail but not to change how we would normally teach things. Our deputy head checked our plans to see that she was happy with them.
    They interviewed subject leaders but it wasn't a big deal. A quick few minutes and it was more about how the senior management helped us to do our jobs better.
    A few pieces of advice:
    1. They are not necessarily looking for 'wow'. They are looking for kids learning something and moving their learning forward. Good clear explanations, quesitoning and modelling i.e. good teaching.
    2. Keep your door open. There is nothing worse than wondering when it'll open!
    3. Keep on top of things like assessments and displays from now as you won't have much advance notice of them coming in.
    4. Mini plenaries to reinforce learning objective and point out good things you've seen.
    5. Push your higher ability groups.
    6. Keep a stash of new stationary so that you can get it out the day before Ofsted come so there is no fuss with unsharpened pencils etc.
    7. Don't plan 'wow' stand alone lessons. They are looking for good teaching and lessons designed to impress will do the exact opposite!

  2. countrybumpkin

    countrybumpkin New commenter

    Oh and the two days notice are a very busy two days - far more than the 2 days that Ofsted are actually in. If they are as imminent as you think it might be worth putting a few days of meals into the freezer now so it's one less thing to worry about and hang up a couple of days of well ironed clothes. I remember being up at 3am ironing my outfit the night before the first day when I had just finished making resources! If you do it now it's one less thing to worry about.

  3. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    Lol countrybumpkin. Did all the prep - including some meals - in October when they were due. Ate them long ago and we are still waiting. We were satisfactory last time and probably still are so no reason for us to be missed. I think they're shuffling the order a bit more to try to catch us out!
  4. Thanks for all the advice and tips, much appreciated.

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