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Inspection observation of A'level class

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by sara8, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Inspection is next week and we have been told all our lessons must be 'exciting'. I'm struggling with my AS/A2 classes which are now revising as we've just finished the course. The students like getting on independently with their own notes and we often completed timed essays. This, though it has worked in the past, would not be regarded as 'exciting'. I teach the AS and A2 ethics modules (AQA) Has anyone any ideas for good revision style activities to use with A'Level students?
    Thank you anyone that can help!
  2. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    Hi there,
    Don't know what your students are like but I was observed by OFSTED on the same course 3 weeks ago! I got my students to use various bits of junk to create a maxim machine: using water bottles and tubes and bits of cardboard boxes they had to create a physical representation of the process of Kant's theory and be able to demonstrate how a maxim would be put through it. If you pm me your e-mail address I'll e-mail you a couple of photo and the instructions. It can be done in a double lesson, but we took two. The guy from OFSTEd raved about it- talking about how he'd never seen any kinesthetic A Level revision like that. I had a reward for the best group and each group were given a mini-roll as the summum bonum, which would have to be worked into the machine somehow.

  3. A balloon debate might work. Give each one theory etc and then they have to explain the significance of that over others or use it as a chance to evaluate when life begins etc. Could use that at the start for 30mins to then feed into a short essay which they could then peer mark.
    10 mins to write speech, 10 mins debate, 5 mins questions, 5 min final statement, voting.
    Good luck!

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