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inspection imminent - data help needed please.

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by tigerella, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. we are due an inspection very soonafter start of new year, and, as a new-ish head, I am concerned that I will not have CVA figs to hand. How do I calculate them? my results are not good, and progress is still an issue for us. Feel CVA might help me 'justify' position. [​IMG]
  2. Raise Online is your 1st stop for CVA. After that, make a file for each year group and work out y2-y6 1st for the past 3 years to show improvements in progress over time. Give reasons for expected and better than expected progress. You need to define what you mean by good and better than ex pected progress through sub levels or av point scores. Also look at influencing factors eg migration in and out & find reasons if people have left eg Service Families, local employer closing down, SEN levels (check SEN progress thro P levels too- progression guidance helps.) etc. There may have been teaching issues in a particular year group which will be obvious in the data and you'll need to say what you've done with some documented evidence trails. Y2-y4 is the next group to track- how many made 1NC level progress? If you have time, look at other groups eg SEN, EYFS to y2 or look at groups where you can identify issues.
  3. We use a computerised tracking programme called TargSats and can use that to predict CVA as well as progress of all the groups mentioned above.

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