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inspection 6 months overdue!

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by genic, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. We were last inspected Decemer 07 and were satisfactory. Since then we have been waiting.....and waiting!
    We DID have a one day inspection last June where there were no concerns - the inspector was very happy - could this be delaying our full inspection?
    Is it possible we won't get inspected until the new framework starts?
    Any ideas? We are going crazy waiting!!
  2. Never mind - they called today!!
  3. Priceless! They probably read this post, thought shxx we forgot them, then rang you..
  4. LOL!! I can't believe the timing! Still, all went well and we can now relax and enjoy the slide to summer :)

  5. The b.....ds rang today!

    We now have to cancel our year 6 leavers assembly (a rather elaborate exposition), our parents' evening on Monday, class parties and the list goes on! Having waited all year.... nothing! Now a few days away from the end of term, when both staff and the kids were looking forward to all these fun filled activities, we have to stop in the name of flipping OFSTED! What do they really expect at the end of term? If I were to one day become an OFSTED inspector, I hope I will have that 'voice' to change the way things are done! The injustice they put teachers/children through.
    Did I have the energy to warn my year group colleagues to stop flagging up lessons from Primary Resources? Not really! Maybe I will tomorrow when we go in! Might just tell them about Theo's warnings. I suppose Theo's rules apply, even though it is about being inspected and not 'interviews'!
    I can't wait for Thursday!

  6. Yes! We do change! [​IMG]


  7. It must be hard at the end of the year, but there's absolutely no reason to cancel things such as the leavers assembly. The whole point of inspection is that the school is seen in it's normal course of running. If this is explained to the lead inspector during the phone call, they will be more than happy to go with it.

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