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Insect/Bug fiction book for year 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ltm, May 15, 2012.

  1. ltm


    Does anyone know of any good insect/bugs related fiction books for year 2 children? We are starting a new topic and I'd like a good story to start thing off. I've looked in Waterstones etc but just can't find anything and with Amazon you can't see the story!
    I have seen AAAAAH (not sure if I have enough A's there) Spider but not sure if this is too young for them?
    Any suggestions really appreciated!
  2. James and the giant peach for an extended read - or any Eric Carle like bad tempered ladybird, hungry caterpillar, quiet cricket - good for stories by same author. Eric has a great web site with video clips and resources, makes a great link with art/DT. His books are listed there and you can get most from Amazon quite cheaply. My year 2s have looked at several of his books, have decorated paper (paint splattering, wax resist, spreading, sponging) just like he does, and they are using the paper to create characters and backgrounds for their own stories. Great for cross curricular work - makes a very eye catching display, too!!
    Aaaaaaaaaaah Spider is a level 1 task book but is around about lower year 2 level. Billy's beetle? I still think there is probably more you can do with Carle's books, it depends on how much you want to get from the literacy.
    have fun!
  3. Omnibombulator or even better, Emily's Legs by Dick King Smith. My Y2 love DKS books, especially Emily

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