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Inputting assessment data in PE

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Proc18, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. I am currently trying to improve the way our department inputs assessment data. We grade students for each activity taugh throughout the year with our own levels 1-5. We then use this activity grade to give a practical picture of each student so that we can give them a national curriculum grade. The issue's we have are that once a class has been graded we use admin staff to put activity grades onto paper profile sheets for each student. This takes a long time as you can imagine with the amount of classes and activities covered within a year, but it gives an extremely good history/ picture of the student. I am looking for a system that can be used in the gym and on the field that will allow us to take out the admin staff stage! Ideally I would like staff members to put grades into an electronic device which then records the information so staff can look at a students activity history and give an accurate national curriculum level. Does anyone have a system that is up to date and not one that is extremely old fashioned and time consuming? Does anyone use palm tops or tablet computers to do this and if so does it work? Can anyone recommend software? Sorry for the long thread but I hope someone can help. Thanks.
  2. Why do you assess using your own 1-5 levels????
    Straight away your creating more work for yourself/department as these levels will need to be converted into the real levels at some point.
    Why dont you just assess using the level descriptors provided by the Government???? 1-8 & EP
    Also if you talk to your ICT department they might give you some help in putting a system together that has all the levels already in with drop down menus etc..........and maybe as a result of what level they are then telling the student what they need to do next to get to the next level.
  3. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Why is the data input time consuming? we grade once every 7 weeks, 3 grades/10 per child (Effort/attifude/attainment and input these onto an excel sheet. The formula is set up so that this is averaged over the year as each set of grades is put in. 2 lessons a week x 6 units = 12 grades.
    I've just input mine for unit 1 from my registers and it took an hour. If 2 of you do it together (1 reading out, the other inputting) it is even quicker.
    This idea of teachers taking tablets and palm tops into lessons or onto the field seems very techno chic, but reminds me of why I Ieft the UK. In fact the whole assessment system and it's associated expectations of teachers in UK is scarey.
  4. We use SIMS. We've set up our data sheets so that each activy area is covered and once inputted once it works out an average grade for us. This is then fed back to the pupils once per half-term via a space in their contact book so they can see progression. Simples!
  5. How does everyone use their assessment data and predicted levels.....what I mean by this is that we have CAT testing done that gives predicted grades for each specific subject but the predicted grades are so unrealistic for PE.
    what i am looking for advice for is how we can use our information using NC levels to give an overall picture of their level for PE......we are thinking that a level for each topic that we deliver is too much and doesnt give an overall level of what level students are at as a few are extremely good at football and would be level 8 if not EP at year 8 (academy level footballers) but then can be fairly weak at other topics......would this give them an overall level 8 or should it be averaged out over all topics for what they get
    many thanks
  6. We use excel as well. Very easy once set up properly. I have set it up so the top 4 grades are averaged for their overall level. This means that students that do not do well or care about certain areas of the syllabus (dance possibly - or rugby) are not disadvantaged.
  7. Wow, I have not heard of that one before. You often find good sportsmen/gilrs that can't swim particularly well.
    I think I like it. If you have a comment as well you can always add after the 'A, A, A' grades 'but is shit at swimming' can't you?
  8. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    So Child 1 does 8 activities and gets 10/10 in all
    Child 2 does 8 activities and gets 10/10 in 4 and 3/10 in 4
    Both receive the same level and are judged to be of the same ability
    Even more unfair if the Child 1 has achieved across a wide variety of activities and Child 2 has all his/her 10/10 in one activity group (water activities or games or gymnastic activities).
    Quote Matt Lucas in Little Britain 'I don't like it'
  9. Good reposte Stoppers, but your example is highly unlikely, yes?
    There are only a few 'ability pools' and one of them is in the swimming pool. The other in the gym, the rest, nets and invasion...Sort of..?
    I get Moon's idea and I see your doubts, but....there must be something inbetween that works.
  10. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Blimey! FP, Moon40 and Stoppers all on one page - it's like a Cairo old boys re-union
  11. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Maybe generally unlikely but certainly not highly unlikely.
    Still not a fair reflection of ability across a year group if some of the high scores of an allrounder are discounted to make it fairer on somebody who isn't an all rounder. A bit like the tail wagging the dog.
  12. Hi,
    You may want to tale a look at FitStats : http://www.fitstatsweb.com/index.php?page=fitstats-education
    This system is very versatile, works with mobile devices and 100% web-based.

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