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Initial assessment ideas for 5 year old?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by MsEm, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I have been asked to tutor a Reception child (age 5) next week. From what I gather she hasn't got any special needs, but her parents don't want her to feel left out while her Year 5 brother is also tutored! I haven't done much work with Reception children although I do know where they need to be for the end of Year 1. Does anyone have any suggestions of what kind of initial literacy and numeracy assessment I could do with her which will be fun and not too intense?!
  2. Is this a wind-up? You can just assess by doing a little 'quiz', you don't need any template.
  3. At this age a lot of learning has to come from and through play. Therefore, that is how I would carry out an assessment.

    Use her own favourite toys as a starting point. Get her to talk to you about them, so you can assess her communication skills. Can she count the cars, dolls, blocks, etc? If you take some, can she say which of you has more/less?

    Find out what she is interested in. Get her to draw a picture of her favourite thing(s) and 'write' about them. Then you will see her fine motor skills and get an idea of any emergent writing and phonics skills.

    She should really be secure in Phase 1 of letters and sounds so check this, eg if you see a cat can she say (not write) the sounds c-a-t?

    For more information, look at letters and sounds (phases 1-2) as well as the early years foundation stage (EYFS) guidance on where children should be at this age and suitable activities to do with them.

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