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Informed opinions needed on Chesterfield / Brimington

Discussion in 'Personal' started by margaret99, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I've tried (twice) to post this in Opinion (yesterday) but to no avail, there is some sort of filter and it just won't accept it.

    My partner and I are both looking to retire in Derbyshire within the next two years, preferably in/around Chesterfield as we want to live in a large town close to the Peak District (which we know well).

    Our budget is not massive (175K max) and although we know Chesterfield town centre well, we're not really clued up on the various affordable areas of the town.

    We do not want to live on an estate and we're looking for a detached property.

    What's Brimington like? Property seems to be affordable there and I was wondering what sort of area it is. Eg this 4 bedroom bungalow seems nice enough and is only... 115K!


    This one's not bad either:


    There's Brimington and New Brimington, both seem well within our price range - not sure what the difference is. There are plenty of "posh" properties in Brimington, some over 450K.

    Any bits to avoid in Brimington? (and Chesterfield in general). Amy other area in Chesterfield we should consider too?
  2. fab208

    fab208 New commenter

    Hi Margaret,
    I grew up near Chesterfield, my Mum worked there (in Boots) and my dad worked for the NCB in Bolsover. It is a great place: really friendly and lots to do (the Pomegranate has some really good shows and we still go to The Winding Wheel a lot which is a great venue for smaller concerts/comedians etc). People are very open and kind in Chesterfield and you are well located for the Peak District.
    Basically, Brimington is OK - some areas of it are nicer than others but it is a good location. The poshest part of town is the Chatsworth Road area - anywhere in the catchment for Brookfield School so round Brookside Glen etc. Brampton is nice and Walton and Ashgate are pretty good too. It is an economically depressed area which is why the house prices are so low - the loss of the mining industry around there decimated it somewhat in the 1980s. Good luck house hunting!
  3. I am Chesterfield born and Bred. Brimmington is ok,some parts Better than others. A previous poster said Walton and ashgate are nice. Same as the meadows and I'm from upper newbold which is lovely. Avoid grassmoor,grangewood, parts of Holmewood. Chesterfield is great for peak district. I love chatsworth, bakewell, eyam to name a few. I have friends who have bought in Brim but I personally wouldn't. Bolsover can be rough in parts too
  4. My partner says brimmington isn't that nice, but brimmington common is ok. Somersall is the nice bit according to him. Newbold village and high fields are ok apparently.
  5. elisa1

    elisa1 New commenter

    I used to live in Chesterfield. Sold my house in Walton and had the shock of my life buying down here!!!! Go for Walton!!! Fab area, nice people and on the edge of the Peak Park! Brimington isn't that nice!!
    I'm down in the South West now, and really miss the friendliness of Chesterfield people!!! Choose the right area and its a fantastic place to live!!!
  6. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    Brimington is quite a mixed area with different types of housing side by side, I suppose it depends how snobby you are. There isn't a 'bad' area as such and some very nice houses particularly Brimington Common and along the Chesterfield canal.
  7. Is The Brickmaker's still open? I spent a lot of happy hours in there in the early eighties. Having said that I spent many a happy Sunday lunchtime in The Brimmy Tav. as well.
  8. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter


  9. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    To be honest, I wouldn't go for either of these. There are some small estates (one or two roads) which are nicer if you are looking for a newish property. Feel free to PM me for more detailed info.
  10. I've just recently moved from the West Midlands to Brimington and I love it! The people are so friendly, not at all like at home where everyone's suspicious of friendliness! I also love the amount of green space. I now look out of classroom window towards the Peak District, whereas before I had an uninspiring view of an industrial yard and the railway line. Brimington is a nice area and the property is very good value for money. Brimington Commom is probably the more salubrious part.
  11. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    Boser? Rough?
    How very dare thee!

  12. Well they have had a beast and a battle.
  13. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    A beast, a battle and a castle - it's the stuff of fairy tales I tells thee!

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