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Information Texts Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mancminx, May 11, 2008.

  1. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

  2. Hey,
    Did you have any ideas for this? i'm a bit stuck as to where to start with it!!
    Any ideas more than welcome :)
  3. Asking questions is a big thing - but what about getting the answers? Who are they going to ask? Where are they going to find the answers?
    Use it as a chance to visit the library to find books on the topic. Get them to write a questionaire for their family if they can be of any help (depends on the topic).
    Look on the internet - find some child friendly sites through yahooligans.
    Then look at how they are going to display the information they have found. Look at an information text closely - how is it laid out, what are the features. What do they need to put in an information text?
    Collect photos and drawings and get them to label it. You could get them to interview each other about the topic they have been researching.
    It's all on Literacy Framework. Would be great if you could get another school in another country involved and ask them the questions your children have come up with - but it may be a little short notice.
    Most important thing is how to find the information and the features of an information text so they can write a page from one themselves including some of the features.
  4. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I last did this unit before christmas and we built up to writing an information book about christmas to send to our partner schools in Europe. This is how I approached it
    week 1 - introduced non fiction books and talked about features, how they are different to fiction etc. I demonstarted how to use index/contents to find answers to questions. The children wrote a set of questions they wanted answered from a book and then used it to find the answers.
    week 2 - looked at structural features common to each page and additional features such as 'did you know...?' boxes. I did a lot of work on the language of ono fiction texts - structured and formal and we practiced writing in a non fiction style. They all wrote one page for an information text.
    week 3 - focus on parties. Purpose was to write an info book about parties. So we did lots of activities about the various elemnets of parties eg writing captions for photos, riddles eg I am colourful, I go on your head, what am I?, 20 questions to guess what element of the party they were, writing about their parties
    week 4 - lots of shared writing to write class book about parties and then they wrote their own book.
    week 5 - just like week 3 but the focus was christmas
    week 6 - just like week 4 but the focus was christmas!

    I think you need to focus now on the language used in non-fiction and then choose a topic that the children can get to know really well so that they can write about it.


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