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Information Texts, Year 1 - Inspiration needed!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KarrieGem, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I teach Year 1 and I am starting Information texts next week and I am being observed (I am an NQT) in the second lesson. I teach the lower ability set and I am really struggling to come up with some engaging and interesting ideas for activites. I wanted to link it to our geography topic which is travel / the world / holidays (barnaby bear) but apart from that I am a bit stuck. Any ideas would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance,
    K x
  2. My Year 1s are currently making information texts about Sun Safety. Not massively creative but it links to our Science and they seem to be enjoying it and using the factual language, e.g. UV rays well. They have made pages with facts under Subheadings (could be v.simple for lowers) and also drawn and labelled diagrams, eg. Drawing a person labelled with sun hat, sunglasses etc. They have done surveys on where people go on holidays and how they protect themselves from the sun and made graphs using ICT.
    Again as I say nothing 'amazing' but kids seem to be producing good work.
  3. Thank you, fab ideas. I particularly like the idea about making leaflet for reception. The thing that I am struggling with is I am being observed right at the beginning of the work on info texts so although we will do our own, probably the year 1 idea, at the start I want to do some work on what info texts are and how theyre different to fiction etc as they haven't done anything on info texts before (I took over the class this term). Obviously I've got lots of info books on holidays and countries etc for them to look at but just can't think of any interesting ideas for exploring info texts (actvities in their groups) - particularly as they will not be able to read very much of many of the books!
    K x
  4. I'd find out what they know, let them explore as many info texts as you have - books, leaflets, magazines etc. and give them post-it notes to mark things they wouldn't find in a story book - my Y1s love anything with post-its! I'd then do guided work on finding information in an information book and check their understanding of/introduce things like contents, index, glossary, fonts, labels, captions etc. and play a fact finding game - writing the answers if there is need to record. You could then let them use the books to add information to their own page for a class book - maybe about a place each if its geog then you can differentiate by outcome or give them each jobs to make an information poster i.e label pictures, write captions, choose topic words to explain. Have fun with it - we have made class books, leaflets, posters, web pages and information displays this year. My Y1 colleagues think I’m mad but much prefer info texts to narrative! P.S loving the leaflet for Reception pinching that for literacy this week!

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