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Information text- Year 4!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by *Faye-Marie*, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Help... I'm really struggling planning this. They isn'e an overview on the new site so im abit stuck for ideas as ive never taught it before
  2. Help... I'm really struggling planning this. They isn'e an overview on the new site so im abit stuck for ideas as ive never taught it before
  3. jellytot24

    jellytot24 New commenter

    Just having a look through last year's planning for you. I don't know if I've got the info text one on my laptop but if I have then I'll let you have a copy.
  4. jellytot24

    jellytot24 New commenter

    Found 2 weeks worth of planning, do you have an email address I can send them to?
  5. moonshine79

    moonshine79 New commenter

  6. Jan1973

    Jan1973 New commenter

  7. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter


    I did this recently and we did a lot about features of an information text. We made our own glossaries linked to science topic and own contents pages for books that already existed (but I covered over the contents page!!!). The outcome was that the children created a page for a new school prospectus. They thoroughly enjoyed doing this! It was relevant to them and worthwhile!
  8. oooh that sounds interesting...creating a new prospectus!!! I think I'm gonna start the week looking at lots of different information texts and features like you mentioned.

    Any good ideas for good information texts??
  9. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Erm...we looked at Skeleton book (because it linked with science topic). Try to link it in as much as possible with science/history.

    Also, I (with the children) created a checklist and they then researched which books had each feature during a trip to the library - worked quite well :)
  10. jellytot24

    jellytot24 New commenter

    Just emailing you all now, nice to be of use!!!!!

  11. Sorry to be a pain but I'm an NQT also struggling to plan this unit for Year 4. Could you send me a copy also?
    Thank you!
  12. jellytot24

    jellytot24 New commenter

    No worries, will send it now.
  13. Heeelllppp! I'm starting a new job on Monday after not teaching for 2 years and I'm panicking! I've been looking at the new literacy strategy and I'm flumoxed as yet by the electronic planning. No doubt I'll find out all about it on Monday, but in the mean time I'm looking to teach Unit 2 Information texts to a Year 4 Class. I've no idea what sort of resources are in school as I got the job on the last day of term and apparently the teachers don't go in during the hols (quite right too!) so I haven't had chance to see what I can use. Please can someone help, I'm really getting very nervous now!
  14. Can I be really cheeky too?! Looks like everyone is asking for your planning! I'd be really grateful if I could have a copy too. fyfes@mapp29.freeserve.co.uk
    Still panicking like mad and starting to feel ill! Anybody got any helpful advice about returning to work after a long break?
  15. jellytot24

    jellytot24 New commenter

    Sent to you both.

    Please let me know if it's any good, or if it works etc. Not got a huge amount of confidence in my teaching this year so need a push!
  16. Hi, I too am an NQT and covering this in Spring Term - I would really appreciate a look at your planning.

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