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Information on the history of Business Studies as a subject

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by teachHRM, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I am doing a piece on the history of Business Studies as a subject area, I have gathered some information but I need more as to where it came from and how it began can anyone recommend websites, books etc that could help me to do this piece of work as so far I do not have much to go on.

    Thanks for any help or advice you could give me it would be much appreciated :)
  2. David Dyer from Oakham was key to establishing the original A level in Business Studies - I think he is still an examiner with OCR - a quick google should yield contact details.
  3. Muttley_in_the_Midlands

    Muttley_in_the_Midlands New commenter

    Perhaps you could start by considering it as a subject in uiversities and see how it has cascaded down. Years ago, there was only an MBA, then when I did my degree (25 years ago), there were a few business schools that had added an undergraduate course. Now we see it established at GCSE. I'm sure you can find the history of the MBA and use that as a starting point. Hope that helps
  4. VDL


    As far as I am aware no book or paper has really been written about the history of the subject in schools. This is partly because until the mid-90s most of us came out of a small number of training places which the 'founding fathers' were all connected to so the stories were passed on over a pint rather than written down. We maintained our training through courses run at Oakham School through David Dyers's teachers organisation and links to the Institute of Education. The library at the latter would be the best place to check if anything has been put down in writing.

    David is allegedly retired but struggles to stay out of the classroom. If you can't find him on google try via the business studies dept at Oakham School which was one of the founding 5 schools to introduce the subject into secondary school.
    The archive at Marlborough School which was another founding school may also have something.

    The founding exam board was Cambrdge now OCR don't know if they have archives?

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