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Information is Beautiful

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Tandy, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Tandy

    Tandy New commenter

    Not sure if this site has been talked about before, but some wonderful representations of data at Information is Beutiful.

    I liked this video. Would be good to get the kids making some of these videos, maybe about local economy or school data.

    Also enjoyed the "Every Country is Good at Something" chart, which shows the UK being the world leader in... CCTV! Someone is watching [​IMG]
  2. This looks like an interesting and well presented site. Not too sure about the 'Ads by Google' featuring offers from 'attractive' Russian ladies...
  3. I was horrified. Its a disgrace as the women were far from attractive. Google should be punished for trade description.
    The site looks to have some great stuff on.
    Not sure if that link will work but could make some good <strike>handling data</strike> <strike>stats</strike> <strike>handling data</strike> stats lessons.
    Thanks for the link

  4. Do you remember gapminder.org with those fab bubble graphs
  5. No google should just be punished!
    Its suprising if you ever search your full name google manage to inform you pricerunner.com or comparethemarket have you 72% cheaper.
    The war facts are not great but will potentially engage some of the 'harder' lads in a class as many are fascinated by such things (as research suggests)
  6. ha! yes i remember gapminder.org!
  7. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    There is a beautiful book with the same name that a friend showed me at the weekend.
  8. Yes Betamale, I can see how the war facts might be engaging for some lads (I think half my Year 11 class want to join the army this year!).

    Thanks for the shout on the price compare site, that caused some mirth at break time, much needed since we have the big 'O' Wednesday/Thursday!

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